Private & Best Services (USA Loyal Accounts, Non-stop views & Ranking Tips)

Our private services include amazing services that we use for our own YouTube channel strategies and decided to make them available for those who purchase shares, hence they are probably interested in organic growth and YouTube hacks.

In this page, you will see 2 Private Services, whiche are:
1) 10 Usa Loyal Accounts
2) Non-stop real Views
And at the end of the page you will also find a summary with the best public services and what ranks your video

10 USA YouTube Accounts “working” on your channel all the time

“The super loyal subscribers”

We will create 10 USA YouTube accounts which will be manually managed by our trained staff to increase ranking and have a natural profile. These 10 accounts will each be on their own, unique USA IP Address and on its own device. They will be controlled via manual actions and they will work on your channel pretty much every day for 8 hours. They will:

  • Comment your old videos and newest videos (average 2-4 manual comments per day, and will reply to you or other people)
  • Like your videos
  • Save them into playlists (ranking factor)
  • Watch playlists with your videos (full retention, playlist keywords ranking)
  • Watch your videos on loop (increase average audience retention* of each video)
  • Increase watch time constantly* (up to 60+ hours per day, 2000 per month)

* Audience retention is a strong ranking factor on YouTube. It means how much your users stay on the video after opening it.
* Watch time does not just increase average view duration, but channel’s authority.

All this action will be made manually by our trained staff. For just 99$/month, this is probably the best YouTube marketing service which ever existed, if views count is not your main goal.


Technically speaking, how does this work?

We will set up a virtual server using a premium application (multilogin) which allows simulating different devices on one device, pretty much. On each “device” we will control your loyal subscriber and each of them will be bonded to its own, unique proxy based in the US,UK or Australia. (Meaning the IP will be from there). Our staff will then, every day manage those accounts.

Will this help my channel grow?

Of course it will, we use this for our new channels’ strategies as well, with a slight twist based on our need. So yes, they work plus will provide comments and engagement to all your new videos but keep in mind that content is always king! You can push a bit your video ranking but then if the video won’t perform once the organic traffic kicks in, YouTube won’t keep recommending your video on the platform. Also, 10 super loyal subs might make a difference on a small or growing channel, but once the channel gets many views, the actions performed by these accounts will have less power. (Less power in terms of ranking growth. Of course you will still get comments, likes, and up to 60 hours daily.)

Can I purchase multiple plans for my channel?

Yes, of course. And yes, obviously the more accounts the stronger the impact. Also, we offer 5% discount on each new subscription, so this means that if you want 30 super loyal subs working on your channel, the second package will be discounted by 5%, the third one by 10%,and so on. (up to 20% max.)

How many views will I get per day?

Views is not the game maker of this service. It is super loyal subs, daily comments, playlist saves and most importantly looped daily views to skyrocket audience retention and watch time. Anyway, answering this question, it depends. Because YouTube does not account too many views from the same IP/Account in a short time frame, so even if the account plays your video 3 times in a day, YouTube might count just one view. So, this also depends on how many videos you have. Let’s say you have 30 videos uploaded, you can still expect up to 300 views per day* (as long as those videos are not too long).

* Of course if you have more than one subscription on your channel, let’s say 3, the daily views estimated amount can be multiplied x3, as each account has its own IP address, even when you purchase 30, 40 or 50 accounts.

What happens if I cancel subscription?

If you cancel subscription, channels will stay subscribed to your channels and all comments, likes, hours etc. will stay. But of course once your subscription expires our staff will stop working on your channel.

Rotator for all the videos on your channel (lifetime, non-stop real views)

With this service, you will get real, targeted and non-stop views* on all videos of your channels. How? We will make a few blog posts about your channel, a custom campaign and then point the traffic to all your videos. (or the ones you tell us).

The real views used are the “Real & English views“, which can eventually be targeted to your favorite location. You might wanna test them first to see if you like them.

  • Non-stop views on all (or specific) videos of your channel
  • Real views only
  • Targeted by country (i.e. only USA, UK)
  • Targeted by category (i.e. Sports)*

* Specific category targeting might reduce the quantity of daily views


This is highly custom and depends on you. We can send 1k views across all your videos per day or just 100.

The price starts from 5$/1000 views for 1000 views per day, up to 7$/1000 views if you purchase less than 300 per day. So 100 views per day would still cost just 21$/month.

1003.00021$ per month$ (7$/1000)
2006.00042$ per month
3009.00054$ per month$ (6$/1000)
50015.00090$ per month
1.00030.000150$ per month (5$/1000)

Best “Public” Services for YouTube Video Growth

  • Shares, for any content. If you get for each video that is a nice long term investment.
  • Discovery Ads, most expensive service but the best in terms of engagement
  • Standard YouTube Ads views, to boost views in a “YouTube compliant” way
  • Real & English views seemed to have a positive effect on the algorithm, but it’s suggested to use in short videos such as music videos.
  • 10 (or more) Loyal Subscribers

Here, we just wanted to quickly say what we believe are the best real services, considering you probably reached this page after purchasing shares. Once again, content is king and time and patience are key, but the following are a good-go for some boost.

All of the above mentioned are also real services. As for “non-real”, some good services are high retention and SEO views, especially if you wanna rank for specific keywords. But, when using botted views the best thing is to mix them up with organic services.

Good mixes

  • Real & English (or high retention) + Ads + Shares
  • 10 Loyal Subs + Non-stop real views

I hope this helped. Best of luck on your YouTube journey, the best place to unleash your creativity and build an online presence that will always be there, for the years to come.

For any question, contact us.

What ranks a YouTube video?

Some people are interested in ranking their video on search result. More than 70% of YouTube traffic comes from suggested videos, but for some niches getting views from keyword search is a great thing. Also, because let’s not forget how YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world, just after Google!

So how to rank on top? YouTube of course does not (fully) leak how their ranking system of a video works, but surely all these factors – which affect every video – are taken into consideration:

  • Video performance (shares, audience retention)
  • Channel’s authority (how big it is)
  • Channel’s authority on the niche of the video
  • CTR (The percentage of people who click on the video after seeing the impression)

But when it comes to search result ranking, more factors come into play which are not considered for other sources (such as suggested videos), but rather just for search result

  • Last click (If after watching your video, the user is satisfied or goes back to the result or watches a new one)
  • Keyword density, title and metadata
  • Shares (more than for other sources)
  • And, as YouTube states: “Write robust descriptions up to 1-2 paragraphs long, if relevant”

Also, YouTube does not fully leaks the criteria, but it does tell us something about Search in their Creator Academy:

Videos are ranked based on a variety of factors including how well the title, description, and video content match the viewer’s query. Beyond that, we look at which videos have driven the most engagement for a query, and make sure it’s easy for viewers to find those.

YouTube Creator Academy

So, from this and what we previously mentioned, we can say that to rank a video:

  1. You must optimize title, description and tags for the keywords you are targeting
  2. The content must be good and answer the search query, this way audience retention will be good and most importantly it will be the last click
  3. The thumbnail and title must be catchy and professional, to increase CTR
  4. It is good to share the video

On top of that, we personally noticed that also the amount of views does help a little. On a new channel we created, we uploaded 20+ videos in a short time which we “boosted” in different ways. And when searching on YouTube for the channel’s name, the #1 result was…the channel with most views (many more than all the others). And that video was boosted using our “English and Real” views, which always have low retention, so the reason was surely the views count (from external) and not the watch time.

So, most things will depend on you, starting from the content to the optimization, but if you want to rank the video higher, the suggestion is to try our Shares, high retention views, SEO views and Real and English views (if your video is in English). To see how effective the ranking growth is, you can use a website such as, just consider that it will take at least a few days for SERP to be updated by YouTube.

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