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Buy YouTube Channel with monetization enabled

• Get a YouTube monetized & niche optimized channel

• 2000+ subs and 5000+ hours of watch time

• Quality banner and graphics included

• Original and niche related videos included

• Organic (real traffic) promotion included

• Official webiste ✔

• New, unique method that will get your own Adsense approved and channel monetized (while you relax with cocktail)

• 100% safe (no demonetization or suspension short after purchase)

🔒 Adsense & YouTube Safe method to start monetizing videos quickly!

⏱️ Time to complete process: 2-3 weeks (read below for all info. If you want instant access we can give you cheaper price but we recommend using this method as it is better and 100% safe)

💸 Do you already have a YouTube channel or the price is too much? Perhaps you prefer ourBuy Hours of Watch Timeservice, which provides 4000 hours on your channel in maximun 2 weeks.

More info about this revolutionary service…

If you bought a monetized YouTube channel before, you surely know what a mess it is. Nowadays most channels get suspended or monetization gets disabled after just a couple days since the buyer log in to the account or changes AdSense account. This is why we improved the previous market formula to the 100% safe (and healthier for your channel) ‘Lenos’ formula. Safe and natural.

How does it work?

We will get the channel monetized when you are already owner of the channel and the approved AdSense will be yours.
After you buy this product, we will invite you into one of our ready-to-go channels. We will make you owner of the channel by using the setting provided by YouTube itself “add or remove channel owners”. Once you are in, you just keep relaxing while we optimize the channel, upload new videos and complete the 4k watch hours and 1k subs quota. We will also create professional banner and change the channel’s name to the one you like. Once the monetization requirements are reached (it will take 2 weeks maximum) you will ask for monetization connecting your own AdSense. The channel will be therefore monetized directly “to you” and you can start making money in just a couple weeks from now…without worries of suspension or loss of monetization 🙂

Don’t worry – if your channel doesn’t get approved (very, very rare) we will fully refund you. If it does, let’s recap..

1- You buy the service
2- We make you owner, and you just sit in the channel while doing absolutely nothing
3- We will be also manage the channel and do all the work for you. Optimization, graphics, campaigns..
4- In just 2 weeks connect your AdSense, ask for monetization and get approved!(it will take just a couple days based on our experience)

Why you should use this service and not ‘already monetized’ youtube channels?

YouTube has become very sensitive to ownership, Ip, and adsense switches. When you are buying a monetized channel, most of the sellers will provide you email and password. Once you log in, the change of IP will trigger a lot of warnings on Google side that could lead from monetization disable to account suspended. But even if you “make it” or channel get trasferred through ‘add or remove managers’, the moments you will try to change channel data or connect a new AdSense…you have a fair chance of losing it.
With our service you just have to wait a couple weeks longer before monetizing..but any of the issues above and you’ll get your own AdSense approved.

Can I still instantly buy a monetized youtube channel?

We highly recommend this product page method but, if you prefer a monetized channel from day one you can visit this page. Price is sligltly lower and you’ll receive login credentials in less than 24 hours. Price in this case is 250$. If interested, contact us. Please note that if you buy a monetized channel it’s at your own risk. On our experience, Google is super sensitive to IP and owner change on such accounts.

We have channels are already set up (with some videos, some subs, some view..) and ready to get boosted and monetized. When you buy this service you’ll become the primary owner of the channel while we will upload new videos and get the channel to meet the monetization criteria (1k subs, 4k watch hous) in less than 2 weeks. The only thing you’ll have to do is connect your Adsense to ask for monetization. At that point YouTube will review your channel and in 2-3 days (on average) you’ll be into the YouTube Partner Program ready to make money – with no shut down risk.

Monetized YouTube channels for any niche

With niche related content and professional graphics

Answering common questions

Is it legal to buy a YouTube channel?

Yes, purchasing a YouTube channel is legal and does not go against YouTube’s Terms of Service.
There are also many cased of very popular YouTube channels that were later bought by Brands and Entreprises.

Do I risk for my channel to be closed or lose monetizationa after approval?

No! We developed this method to make sure ownership and approval is 100% safe. Of course, once the channel is approved make sure you follow YouTube guidelines. If you upload copyrighted or explicit videos that is your responsability.

Do I need an Adsense Account?

Yes, because the channel will be approved directly on your AdSense account. Please make sure you use a clean AdSense account, which means it has not been rejected in the past. You can also create a brand new account, it is not a problem.

What do I need to do?

You simply have to tell us your niche, join the channel and connect your AdSense account. We will do all the rest: Create and upload content, make graphics, optimize the channel, do subscribers and watch hours campaigns. If you want to upload your own content prior to monetization that is ok, just make sure it is original.

How long does it take to get the channel monetized?

We need to create content, graphics, optimize the channel. Then boost the channel and once the goals are reached, request monetization. This process will take 2-4 weeks in total, most of the times around 3 weeks. YouTube reviews channel for monetization in just a couple days nowadays. Please consider that if  they take longer to approve the channel, that is not in our control of course! Luckily, that happens very rarely so it is not really something to worry about. 2-4 weeks is the usual time frame.

What is the country and the language of the Channel?

Since you will be the owner since day one, the country is not relevant. You can also set the channel country you prefer.
As for the content we upload, it will be in english, but if you want it in another language simply let us know.

Start your YouTube journey with a monetized and optimized channel.

Terms & Conditions

All the sales become final (no refund) in the exact moment that YouTube accepts your channel into the Partner Program. If the YouTube team doesn’t accept your channel (very rare) you’ll be eligible for a full refund after giving us back the channel ownership. Alternatively, you can decide to still keep the channel and get a 70% refund.


We are in no way responsible for issues with your channel if you don’t comply with YouTube Terms of Service.
Monetization on the channel gets approved because we upload original content.
YouTube channels are checked periodically, so although it has already been manually approved, if you decide to upload content that goes against the YouTube Partner Program rules, in the future monetization of your channel may be disabled for “duplicate content” and you’ll have to ask for a new review.
By respecting the rules of Google and YouTube, the user won’t have any problem.