Buy High Retention YouTube Views

Buy the best youtube views of the market. High retention views (avg. 10+ minutes) from different sources that boost your channel authority and watch hours. Option of viewers from the USA too.

The Key Points

Best High Retention Views for YouTube๐Ÿฅ‡

โ€ข These are some of the highest quality YouTube views on the market

โ€ข High watch time (up to 20 minutes)

โ€ข Option for views from Native English countries (mostly USA)

โ€ข Lifetime Guaranteed (refilled in case of any drop. But never or very low drop so far)

โ€ข Average watch time depends on video length. It goes from 5 minutes to 20+. On a 15 minutes video you can expect a 90% and more average retention

โ€ข These views work best on videos from 5 minutes to 30 minutes of length

โœ… Safe and monetizable

Note: To use this service your video must have no age/country restrictions


Currently, our retention is 90-100% on videos up to 15 minutes. Longer videos will gradually get less retention.

Updates Log

– Update 9th of may, 2021: Retention has been now increased on shorter videos.
– Update 4th of june, 2021: We can now provide retention up to 100% (and more)
– Update 28th of july, 2022: High retention USA is available again, but you need to contact us for a private server.
– Update 6th of january, 2023: All High retention are now USA, but slow speed. Working on increasing speed
– – Update 5th of may, 2023: Fast speed and best retention. USA viewers is now an add-on option.

More info about our high retention views

These views are best for those who want to improve the ranking of their video on YouTube search results, and are therefore great for tutorials, songs, offers or sales videos.

They are generally a great solution for those who not only want to increase the views count but want to have a good retention and also boost watch hours and channel authority.

YouTube itself states that how much viewers stay on the video (average watch time) is an important ranking factor. If your video is longer than 4-5 minutes we recommend you to buy high retention views.

Views come from different devices and high quality IP’s, making them real looking. So far they never dropped.


  • The views usually start to grow within a few hours, in any case the start is guaranteed within 24 hours.
  • The speed is 1000+ views per day
  • The views are guaranteed for life (they never drop and even if they do we will refill)

Before placing the order…

  • Make sure that your video has no restrictions, therefore:
    – It is visible in all countries
    – It is not age restricted

Benefits of buying our high retention views

  • Boost your channel and video ranking through quality views with great watch time. After using this service, your video’s rank could improve and might receive ‘suggested views’ from YouTube algorithm
  • These views are safe to use on monetized videos and royalty eligible. This means that if your video is monetized, these views will generate revenue
  • You don’t have monetization yet? These views count as public watch hours therefore they will help you to reach 4000 hours faster and enable monetization. 10k views on a 15 minutes video equal to 1000 watch hours! (the longer the video, the more watch hours you will get)
  • Not just ranking of the target video. The authority of the whole channel grows as subscribers and watch time grow. With these views you will therefore increase your whole channel’s authority, which is strictly related to the subscribers and lifetime watch time that a channel has received.

Boosting the numbers is fine. But what about the quality?


Using this service, in almost all cases there is an improvement in the positioning of the video in the search ranking. However, if there are no net improvements we are not responsible as results may vary and depend on many other factors, other than watch time.

Don’t simply boost the views count