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Increase the number of plays, saves and followers on Spotify with a natural and daily growth.
This is the only Spotify service we have on our site, but possibly the best on the Spotify market.

Standard Package  5k Plays, 500 Saves and 500 Followers
Advanced Package 10k Plays, 10k Saves and 10k Followers
Rockstar Package  100k Plays, 10k Saves and 10k Followers

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Spotify Boost Packages 🚀

• Best Spotify service on the market

• No drops [100% Guaranteed]

• Traffic from Premium Accounts ⭐

• Traffic from tier-1 countries [USA, EU, AUS]

• Plays are monetized (generate income)

⚡ Speed 500/1000 plays per day and relative 10% of track saves and 10% of followers of the artist

⚠️ Insert link to your track only. Account must not be private

More info

The best Spotify service on the market. Safe, stable, natural and from premium accounts from tier-1 countries (USA, Europe, Australia). The plays are also monetized (royalty eligible).
Every day, in addition to the plays, the song receives a relative 10% (approximately) of saves for the song and followers of the artist.


  • Service starts within 24 hours since you place the order.
  • Please insert the link of your track only.
  • Spotify’s profile must not be private.


Is there a risk that the song will be removed?
No! This is the highest quality package available for Spotify, which provides traffic from Premium accounts and includes real users.

Do the plays generate revenue?
Yes, the plays are monetized (royalty eligible). Since many are Premium accounts, the revenue is divided between all the artists that the Premium account listens to.

Can I stop the service?
No, once the order has been processed, it is not possible to interrupt the campaign. If you are unsure, order the smaller package first and you will be surely satisfied.

Standard Package

  • 5.000 Plays
  • 500 Saves
  • Premium Accounts
  • 100% Guaranteed

Advanced Package

  • 10.000 Plays
  • 1.000 Saves
  • Premium Accounts
  • 100% Guaranteed

Rockstar Package

  • 100.000 Plays
  • 10.000 Saves
  • Premium Accounts
  • 100% Guaranteed

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