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Get your video embedded inside many unique and relevant articles to boost your video and channel ranking. And if you like, also get real views from your embedded videos.

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Key Points

YouTube Video Embed’s on Websites

• Free rank tracker included!

• Videos embedded inside relevant articles with unique content! (ex. your video is about “learning english”, videos will be embedded inside articles about how to learn english)

• Each video embed inside its own, unique article!

• Great for growth and search results ranking (ranking growth is 99% guaranteed and you can track it via our Rank tracker)

• Included social media shares for free

• Optional: real views from people watching the embedded videos 🔥

Note: embed must be enabled to use this service

Once your order starts, we will start tracking the rank of your video and provide you a link to follow its daily change. You can also manually check using websites like

More info about our YouTube video embedding service

This is not a “fake” youtube video embed service, where your video link is shared on social media. These are real embed inside full articles across different web properties. If you want to take things to the next level, we can also add up to 1k views from all the embedded videos and from real people. Read on to find out how that works and more cool stuff!

Advantages of using YouTube embedding

Some of the advantages of creating video embeds, include..

  • Possible wider reach. The embeds will be made on real websites and articles. This means that, even tho the primary goal is ranking, over time these articles might also bring external traffic.
  • YouTube loves external traffic. As for any other social media, YouTube wants new users to use their platform and keep them as long as possible. When your videos is getting embedded, it is a chance for YouTube to get traffic from people who are currently not on their app/website. For this reason, YouTube algorithm loves embeds and shares!
  • Video ranking optimized. As for our embeds, the video are added into unique and relevant articles, which increase the ranking power. If the video is about how to make money, so will the article, its title and the images!
  • Better channel ranking. Surely, video embeds help the ranking of a video. But using this practice across all videos, helps channel’s authority as a whole.

EXTRA TRAFFIC ADD ON –  Optionally, we can send you real traffic from users who will play your embedded video on ALL articles. This will increase its ranking effect as it will make YouTube aware that traffic is coming from real websites where the video was shared. It may also help get the articles indexed. (long term effect).

Obviously, when adding this traffic you will see yourself that views will come from external on the analytics, and you will also see each website source…like this! 🙂

How do I get started?

  1. Make sure your video embed is enabled
  2. Simply fill the order form including the topic of the video, which will be used to create articles
  3. We start creating articles with your video embedded on top
  4. Get a report and rank tracker

How long does it take for ranking to increase?

Surely, seeing a rank growth of the video is the biggest indicator that the service is doing its job. But, how long does it take?

Well, according to our experience you will see an improvement already in the first 7 days since the order is completed. Rank will keep growing and after one month, the effect will be even stronger.


  • After we receive your order, we will start working on it within 24 hours and after 72 hours you will receive a report with all articles + live rank tracker.


  • Just make sure that embedding is enabled in your video. You will find the option in the settings of your video, after clicking “show more”. (note: embed is allowed by default, but please make sure it is enabled prior ordering)

Your video embedded on multiple, relevant articles

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