These Terms & Conditions of Sale have as their object the purchase of products and services which are digitally sold on the website, belonging to Lenos, based in Milan, 20149, Italy.

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This document therefore governs the contractual relationship between the owner of the service provided by the Site and the client.

Lenos reserves the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions of Sale page at any time. Any update will be posted on this page.

We suggest you to periodically check this document to verify and accept any change.

Conclusion of the contract and acceptance of the Terms & Conditions of Sale

The contract for the sale of products on the website is considered concluded when the order is placed by the customer (paid by the customer) to Lenos (the Site) and the latter accepts it.

The customer, by electronically sending his purchase order, declares to explicitly accept these conditions, through the explicit check of a box (mandatory in order to proceed to the payment) of acceptance of Terms & Conditions. The Terms & Conditions acceptance box is shown twice, both on the product page and on the checkout page.

The customers also declare to accept the refill guarantee rules.

Effective start and duration of the contract

The contract starts from the moment it is accepted (once the order is placed) and is effective until the service is fully completed. As for the refill guarantee, its duration is specified in the description of each product.


To process the orders, it is necessary to pay the full amount in advance.

The methods of payment are: Credit Card, Debit Card.

Product delivery times

The delivery time of each service is visible on the description of the specific product page. The delivery times are estimates but if it takes longer than described to process the order, the client is entitled to a full refund.

Refund Policy

The services offered on the Site are described in detail in their product page. site undertakes to provide the services within the described estimated times and the customer undertakes to comply with the contractual conditions for the service purchased.

Please also note that the delivery times described in the product page are estimates and can have slight variations from time to time.

That being said, in case of any delay in delivery, the customer, by contacting the site managers or support, can decide to wait until we deliver the service and solve the delay issues or, if he prefers, he can request a full refund of the amount, only if the delivery of the order has not started yet.

The delivery times for each service are specified on the product page.

If, on the other hand, the order has already been processed and the delivery is ongoing, it is no longer possible to request a full refund, also due to the fact that most of the funds are used in the initial phase of the campaign. For some products*, the customer can still request the interruption of the service and a refund proportional to the quantity delivered up to the request of refund and therefore termination of the service. For example, if the customer has purchased a package of 10,000 “LAV™ Views” and requests a refund when 1,000 have been delivered (therefore 10%), he is entitled to a refund equal to 90% of the price of the service.

To check the Refund Policy of a specific product, please check this page.

Refund on fully delivered service

Once the order has been completed and the service fully delivered, it is no longer possible to request a full refund. If the customer is dissatisfied, he can request a refund which will take place partially as a deduction will be applied regarding the costs of the service. The service costs amount to 40-75%* of the price of the package purchased. The percentage changes based on the type of product purchased and the quantity that has been ordered. The refund will take into account the actual value of the package, without promotions of any kind added at a later time such as discount codes.

*To know in advance and accurately the percentage of the service cost and therefore the amount of a partial refund, the customer can contact the support indicating the package they intend to purchase.

Limitation of Liability

Our marketing techniques are tested and safe. They cannot cause damage to accounts.

The site therefore is not – in any way – responsible for any cancellation of accounts, videos, views or subscribers by the administrators of the Social Media (YouTube).

Those who purchase our services are responsible for their own profile. is only responsible for providing a quality service as described and a refill guarantee of subscribers, views or any other kind of interaction based on the guarantee offered at the time of purchase. No refill will be provided if the guaranty has expired and no refund will be provided unless the service is expressly covered by it.