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Buy YouTube views at a unique and reasonable price without giving up on quality. Real views with likes included.


Low-priced YouTube Views (High Quality)

• The cheapest views on our website and one of the lowest rates in the market!

• Viewers geography: worldwide

• Extra and free likes

• Real views if you purchase 3k or more and you ask specifically (from apps, websites and YouTube advertising)

• High Quality. Despite the price, these views are stable, diversified and with a good retention

• In fact, the average watch time is medium to high (30 seconds to 2 minutes per session)

• Guaranteed forever (we will refill your order if it drops, even tho these views are non-drop)

⚡ Order starts in 0-10 hours. Once started, all views are delivered in 1 to 3+ days depending on the quantity and network traffic

Note: If you have already ordered a package, don’t place a new order on the same video until the previous order has been delivered and marked as completed

More info about this service

Low-price doesn’t always means low quality. And this is the case.

Get quality YouTube views at a cheap rate… even tho, we do not like the term “cheap” as it sounds like you are giving up on quality. We define our views as, simply, Low-priced views that you can use to start boosting your views count safely.

It appears that you still need a critical mass of views to rank in YouTube. In fact a YouTube engineer stated that, while views aren’t as important as they once were, YouTube still uses them. (Backlinko, case study on 1,3 mln videos)

With this service Lenos offers YT views at the lowest price of its website – but not just of this website. Take a look to other sites offering views and you’ll see that you will rarely find a better price.

For us, however, quality is a priority and despite the lower price these views remain of excellent quality. They have a medium to high watch time. (watch time is how long the viewer stays on the video).

These views are 100% safe (ok for monetized videos) and currently non drop. The lifetime guarantee is however active, to make sure that your video never receives unpleasant count drops. As for geography, views of this service come from all over the world.

So…how come these views are cheap and how is it possible that the quality is good?

If you asked yourself this completely legitimate question, there are two main reasons. The first reason is that we have a direct supplier that provides us with long lasting and stable views at a favorable price. The second reason is that we reduce our profits to offer the best price ever.

  • We are direct provider of these views
  • We reduce our profit to offer a top price


  • Service start is guaranteed within 48 hours. Most of the times views start in just a few hours.
  • For this service views are delivered at a normal/fast speed. Once the views start they all get delivered in 1-3+ days depending on the amount you ordered.
  • In 2-3% of orders we are unable to start the service. In the rare event, the customer can decide whether to have a full refund of the amount or wait for the support to unlock the order.


  • You are good to go! to use this service your video doesn’t need any requirement.

Duration of warranty

  • The refill warranty lasts forever. However for this service the views are stable (no drops occur).

Benefits of using our low-price YouTube views

  • Unreal value for money. If you have decided to buy views but without spending a fortune, this is the service for you with one of the best rates on the market and with an excellent quality / price ratio, to save money without sacrificing quality interactions. Indeed, regardless of the price, these are great views.
  • The authority of a video or channel in YouTube search results depends on several factors, including the count of views and in particular the watch time. By purchasing our views, which have a good retention, you do not only increase the count of the views but you also significantly increase the watch time of the channel, improving its authority.
  • They can also be used to reach the monetization threshold (4000 hours). Together with the views we deliver obviously you also get several hours of watch time, which contribute to the achievement of 4000 hours and therefore the possibility to activate the monetization.

We discovered that views are one of the primary factors of success within YouTube’s search. (Case study on 100k videos, Briggsby)

Full Privacy

None of the information you enter while shopping on Lenos can be viewed by third parties nor is shared with them. Delivery of likes happens gradually and with a natural pattern. You can shop with confidence, because no one one will know that you bought likes.

100% Secure Payment

All payments done on this site will be processed by PayPal infrastructure. All your personal information and card details will be encrypted with 256 bit SSL to create a 100% secure purchasing environment.

More Questions?

If you have more questions, you can visit our frequently asked questions page or contact us from the contact page.

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