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Also, scroll down to read our FAQ’s first, as we answer many common questions and give advice on which service is best!


Which YouTube views are the best to buy?

Depends on what is your end goal and if you want 100% real traffic. Ads Views, Real & English views and LAV™ come exclusively from real people. Same goes for monthly engagement, social shares or video plays on embed videos: they all come from real people.

Regarding our monthly engagement, if your channel is new or it has short videos, it is something you have to try. The Standard package already can be enough for most people and provide a small initial boost on new channels.

If you want to organically grow your channel, we highly recommend Discovery Ads views which target people interested to your niche and bring extra engagement such as likes, subscribers, comments. It is the most effective in terms of organic growth, but it is also the most expensive, so merging them with LAV/Real & English views + High retention views can be effective and cheaper. Adding our Facebook & Social Media Shares can be a great thing too, and it is something we use for our own channels. Our Social Media shares do not come from bot nor private accounts, but are real, manual and relevant.

SEO Views are great to increase the ranking on YouTube and Google Search for your target keyword, and in that sense also Video Embed + Video Plays can help, even though they provide results in a longer period compared to SEO views. While using these services, you can track your video’s ranking for given keywords using our free YouTube rank tracker.

If you simply want to increase the count of your views, you can go safe with our HQ Low-priced views, which do not drop, especially if you buy 5k+ since we set up ADS on third-tier countries or websites (to offer a lower price) and ADS views never, ever drop.

Summing up:

For channel’s growth, in order, the best are: Discovery Ads, SEO Views, LAV/Real & English (Shorter videos), High Retention (Longer videos), Social Media Shares & Video Embed. Creating a mix of these can definitely work out, and we have a separate counter for each service, so no problem.

To simply increase views counter, best are HQ Low-priced and LAV/Real & English, since they are both permanent and cheap.

If you have a music video, use the music video services, as they are as cheap as it gets yet, 100% real traffic on targeted music genres.

How do you deliver YouTube traffic?

Our marketing strategy is constantly changing and improving. We cannot give detailed information on our YouTube Marketing strategies, it is confidential, but most of our services come from real people.

Are the views, watch hours, subscribers, etc. safe?

All our services are tested and 100% safe for your YouTube channel, With over 5000 orders we never had a client getting his video or channel removed. Also, many of our services include traffic from real people so the marketing strategies are 100% compliant with YouTube terms of service.

How long does it take for the video to start getting views, likes, subscribers, etc.?

The increase in views, subscribers, likes or any other package purchased often starts after just a few hours*, even if YouTube does not update the public counter in real-time so it may take up to 12 more hours to see results. Our products are described in detail, so by visiting the page of the product you are interested in, you will find all the information regarding activation and delivery time.

*If you buy YouTube Ads views it can take up to 72 hours to start since Google needs to approve the campaign.

*SEO views are manually set for each link and keyword, so it might take up to a few days if there is a queue.

*Currently, high retention views are slower to start. We apologize for that, the service is guaranteed don’t worry.

What payment method do you accept?

We accept payments by debit or credit cards. PayPal is no longer available, since PayPal does not support social media marketing as business model.

Am I entitled to a refund?

Yes. A refund is available for most of our services. The refund is also possible once the service has been fully delivered if you are unsatisfied; in this case only the service costs will be retained. To know the specific refund policy of a product, simply visit the Terms and Conditions page. The refund policy for each product is described at the bottom of the page. If you need a refund, kindly fill the form and in most cases we issue the refund with no questions asked.

Is my channel eligible for 4000 hours of watch time service?

Since we want our customers to be approved into the Partner program, we set criteria on who can use the service or not. The requirements are listed on the service page, but there is flexibility. To know for sure if your channel is suitable or not, before ordering, send us an Email with the link of your channel.

How long does it take for my channel to be monetized?

Our campaigns get you to the achievement of 4000 hours in a maximum of two weeks, in some cases a couple of days are enough (3-14 Days). Timings can vary depending on the amount of hours needed and the length of the videos on the channel. Once the 4000 hours have been reached, the user can request monetization and at that point the content of the channel will be reviewed by the YouTube team. YouTube says that it takes on average a month, although recently in most cases YouTube reviews channels within just a few days (1-4 days).

Please consider that we guarantee the 4000 hours within – at most – 2 weeks, but we have no control over the YouTube revision times and sometimes due to unforeseen updates or high orders traffic it may take longer. 3-4 days is just an estimate.

Are the YouTube views, watch hours, likes and subscribers real?

What makes our services special is that we try to involve real users in our campaigns as much as possible. Our marketing strategies bring interactions from different sources, therefore both from real users and from quality bots. The presence of one rather than the other also depends on the package purchased. Each product page describes the traffic source and the amount of real traffic.

What are bots? Are they worse than real users?

You might have heard that word..”bots”. Or if you are used to Social Media marketing, you are surely very familiar with it. As stated above, some service may include bot (automated) interactions. But first, don’t be afraid of the word ‘bot’! They are at times even better than real users. This is because the quality of their interactions can be entirely controlled, on the contrary, the quality of the interaction of real users is random and for example their watch time, a fundamental metric on YouTube, is generally lower than the one of bots. Obviously, the bots too can be both low quality and high quality and the previous reasoning is made in relation to the bots of our services, which when used are high quality, safe and guarantee high retention watch times. However, if you prefer packages made up exclusively of real users, we also (and mostly) have those, just choose the package you prefer.

If you have any other doubt or questions we are at your disposal. Drop us an email at or fill out the form at the top of the page.

– Lenos YouTube Marketing