YouTube Artist Growth Package

A combo package with the best real interactions. Increase the number of views, likes and shares through quality and english traffic.

▶ Standard Package  1k Real Views, 20 extra Likes, 50 Shares, 1 Facebook Post
▶ Advanced Package  5k Real Views, 100 extra Likes, 200 Shares, 3 Facebook Post
▶ Rockstar Package  20k Real Views, 400 extra Likes, 500 Shares, 10 Facebook Post, 1 Article
🌐 Shares, likes and views will be only from audience geography you select. Article will be in english.

Please make sure it's a music video, and not longer than 6 minutes.
Note: if you purchase the rockstar plan, one is already included for free.


YouTube Packages for Music Videos ⭐

• Our mix designed for music videos (works best for videos long max. 4 min)

• 100% real views, slow growth with natural pattern

• Views are safe and can be monetized (you get income from ads)

• Video shared on various english/american social networks, manual Facebook post (english), article in english

• Offer: this package actually has a discounted price of over 30%, compared to buying each service separately on the site!

✔️ 100% Safe and Permanent

⚡ Speed 200+ views per day, likes 20+ per day

📝 If you want another country target for shares/views we can do it. Simply contact us before placing order (price will be the same)

More info about our YouTube Growth Package for Music Videos

Our YouTube package designed for music videos. A mix of our best and most suitable services for songs. Includes real and language targeted interactions. [Recommended video length maximum 4 minutes]

Goal of the package: boost views and likes while “keeping it real”, improve ranking of the video through different social/web shares method.

Default package is international. It is a good option for music tracks without vocals. If your video has vocals, best thing would be to pick a Geography related to its language. You will find more info about this later.


The views come from promotion of the video on websites through partner advertising networks. They are language targeted and with a natural growth pattern (speed 500/1000+ per day depending on traffic). As they are real they can bring engagement such as likes/dislikes/comments/subscriptions.


The likes are international with most likes coming from USA; they are stable or otherwise with very low drops (2-3%). The delivery speed is slow and natural, starting from 20 likes per day. It includes real likes from users on third party websites/apps to unlock content.
Note: the video may receive additional likes/dislike from the real views.


The shares come from accounts from the selected geography. The sharing of the video will be on authority sites such as Facebook, Reddit, Blogger, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. They are private and do not generate traffic but useful for Seo purposes. They will be visible in the YouTube analytics at the end of the campaign.

4. Facebook Post

Manually created Facebook post with the video, then boosted for them to receive high engagement rate.
If you prefer, you can ask for backlinks instead than Facebook post. They have proven to be powerful for video ranking.

5. Article

An english article is created that promotes your YouTube video. At the end of the campaign you will receive the link to the article. It may contain information or sentences that you tell us or it can be corrected after being viewed by the customer. Available only for the Rockstar package, but for an additional price of 20$ it can also be added to the other packages.


  • The service starts within 24 hours since you place the order. (usually it takes just a couple hours)
  • The campaign has a slow and natural growth pattern and takes time, especially in the Advanced and Rockstar packages, due to higher quantities. The Rockstar package can take up to 20 days.
  • The article is delivered at the end of the campaign or shortly before
  • For a correct delivery of the service, do not place orders with other views / like suppliers until our campaign is completed!


Which countries the language selection include?
They include the countries where the selected language is the native language.
English: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand.
Spanish: Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, and many more.
Arabic: Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Iraq, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Tunisia, UAE, Lebanon, and many more!
French: France, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Monaco, Senegal and more.
German: Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein.

Is there a risk that the video will be removed?
No! Zero risk for your video or channel with this package.

Do views generate revenue?
Yes, the views are monetized, since they are from real people.

Can I use this service on non-music videos?
Yes, but we recommend using it on videos lasting from 2 to 4 minutes.

Do you also provide comments on the video?
We can also add comments on your request (and at a reduced price). However, keep in mind that the comments come from bot accounts (although 100% real looking, with description, profile picture, etc.) and they all get delivered on the same day.

Does this package also improve ranking?
Yes, the purpose of this package is to improve video’s ranking in addition to numbers. Clearly the standard package [1k] has lesser ranking effect than larger packages.

Standard Package

  • 1 FB Post (or backlink)
  • 100% No-drop

Advanced Package

  • 3 FB Post (or backlinks)
  • 100% No-drop

Rockstar Package

  • 10 FB post & 1 Article
  • 100% No-drop

Increase views, likes and ranking of your music video