Buy YouTube Watch Hours 💸

Buy high quality YouTube Watch Hours and reach 4000 to enable monetization.
Safe marketing campaigns that include organic promotion and will boost both your hours and channel’s authority.
The best thing? Amazing average retention per all the views we send!

Latest update

  • Get 2k subscribers, and not 1k!
  • Watch time currently slower, estimate finish time 3 weeks
  • Organic methods, get also comments and engagement
  • No watch hours/subscribers drops

Lifetime watch hours and subscribers guarantee.

We can either send a lot of views (around 30k) with average 6-10 minutes retention, or we can send less views (around 2k) with extremely high retention. Your choice!
If you want to decide which videos, please create a public YouTube playlist with the videos you prefer. Then, share the link to your playlist below.
(To know the amount of hours that your channel currently has, you can visit the channel monetization tab from YouTube studio)
As part of our watch hours campaign, we write and publish english articles about your channel to increase it's authority. If you do not want articles to be published, select 'no'

Before ordering, please make sure your channel meets our Requirements


Buy YouTube Watch Hours 💸

• Reach 4000 hours within 2 weeks and enable monetization.

• Marketing strategies 100% safe and tested

• Includes real interactions through social media and website promotion

• Safe and High Quality YouTube views (with high retention)

Speed to deliver all the hours: 6-15 days, depending on the amount ordered and the channel. Most of our clients reach 4000 hours in max. 10 days.

To use this service your channel needs at least 1 video, and the video should be at least 3 minutes. The longer the videos, the better.

Note: Before ordering, please make sure that your channel meets also the other requirements listed later on this page, most importantly that the content you upload is not copyrighted.

More info about our watch hours service

It’s time to for your channel to gain more authority and join the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). And we can help you to get to that next level with quality campaigns that include real promotion, traffic and press release.

You will receive YouTube watch hours delivered through  high quality views that will allow you to quickly reach the threshold of 4000 hours and then request monetization. 100% of customers who have used this service have been approved by YouTube without problems (and within a few days after applying to YouTube Partner Program).

We have different marketing strategies depending on the channel and the length of its videos, but the estimated time to complete the delivery of all 4000 hours is maximum of 14 days.

The required hours are achieved through the delivery of high quality views (which means with a high retention and great watch time). Specifically, if your channel has videos 1+ hour long average watch time is up to 20 minutes and we will deliver most of the views on the 1+ hour long videos. If your channel has short videos only, we will deliver the views to several, shorter videos. In this case the avg. watch time depends on the video length but it’s still very good.

Why we like to remind you that you will receive views with high retention

Because we use quality high retention that will not only allow you to reach 4000 hours quickly but also improve the ranking and authority of your channel.

As proven by several case studies, views and watch time are major factors when it comes to ranking and algorithm! According to Briggsby, watch time is the #1 factor for ranking.

Also YouTube confirmed how important it is, stating how they prefer to rank and promote videos with lots of accumulated Watch Time.

The longer you can keep people watching on YouTube because of your content, the more your content may get surfaced. (Google)

But hold on: There’s way more in our watch hours Campaigns

To make the process more natural and increase channel authority, our watch hours campaign will also include:

  • Social Media Shares & Posts
  • Articles Submission
  • Real views from direct advertising! (native ads)

Before placing the order, however, make sure that your channel meets our requirements or send us an email with the channel link so we can tell you if it is possible to start the campaign (or what is missing to start it). Here more useful information about the service:

  • Put the link of your channel and not of your video(s). We will take care of choosing which videos are best to deliver the views when processing the order.
  • To use this service your channel should have at least 6 videos and original content. It also needs to have at least 1 video 10+ minutes long, but the longer, the better. 1 hour+ videos are great! (in the next paragraph, you find all the requirements for this service)
  • Videos will receive high retention views. The campaigns are 100% safe.
  • Includes real traffic from advertising on social media and websites
  • Viewers will come from all over the world (international)
  • Once the service is started, it can’t be interrupted!

What are the Requirements?

Important: To use this service, your channel should meet the following requirements

  • No copyright or community guidelines strikes received in the past 3 months
  • The content of the channel must be in line with YouTube Partner Program policy. No explicit content, or the channel wouldn’t go through the monetization review!
  • It should have at least 3 videos
  • To activate the service, it’s necessary that on the channel you have some long video. Therefore, your channel should have one of the following:
    1 Video of 3+ minutes (again, the longer the better!)
    or 3 videos of 2+ minutes
  • The videos you upload should be original and monetizable, so vlog, tutorial, gameplay with commentary, original movies and sketches, etc…

These requirements are important. Without them, you can’t use this service also because you would just waste your money, since without original content the channel wouldn’t pass the review to join the Partner Program.

Also, since that affects the chances of being accepted or not into the Program, we suggest that your channel has an original profile picture and a channel banner.

If you have doubts regarding the eligibility of your channel you can send us an e-mail with a link to your YouTube channel, and we will let you know if the channel meets our requirements and tips and tricks to make your channel more appealing. Simply send us a message to, and we will get back to you.

Reach 4000 hours now and start making money on YouTube

You probably keep producing videos but they don’t receive enough visits. You invest a lot of time in video production but without having any kind of return, either in terms of views or from an economic point of view. Stop wasting your valuable time and let us help you. With this service, you will boost watch time and views of your channel safely and in just a few days request the activation of monetization to start having an economic return and a greater motivation on YouTube!

Boost hours and receive this lovely mail from YouTube team 🙂

Increase watch time and get monetization

Is it ‘legal’ to get monetization this way?

What is not allowed on YouTube is to monetize videos twhich go against their monetization policy, therefore with explicit scenes, copyright, etc.
If we decide that your channel is eligible for the service what we do is simply give a little boost to the watch hours to allow you to monetize your content faster. Content that you have the right to monetize! Let’s not forget that until a couple of years ago YouTube allowed all channels to monetize since first day, even the ones with no subs. The 4000 hour requirement was introduced to prevent users from monetizing content against YouTube’s monetization policy. If your content is “monetizable” there is nothing wrong with using this service and getting 4000 hours in a few days/weeks.

Is this service safe?

Of course, this service uses safe marketing campaigns which also include real interactions. Zero risk for your channel or videos, or for your channel to receive fewer visits in the future, but it’s usually the opposite, as they gain authority. Also, pretty much of the channels that use our service get monetized. In the last few months, also due to our stricter selectivity, all of the channels were later approved. If your content is “monetizable”, you will get monetized. Simple as that 😉

What makes this watch hours different from others?

What we believe makes it different is the quality of the views [high retention and safe] and all the other side services included in our campaigns to make them more natural and give a real boost to the channel. increasing its authority and not simply the hours count. In short, quality campaigns with the highest success rate and safety.

Will these views also improve the ranking of my channel?

As mentioned above, yes. Highest quality traffic is used for our 4000-hour campaigns which include social shares, articles submission and real traffic from direct advertising . The views are stable and with a high watch time (up to 30min + per session). Increase the watch time time and also increase the authority of your channel. Two benefits in one service

How it works, step by step

  1. Make sure your channel has at least 6 videos, with good length and original content. Then contact us for a channel evaluation or simply buy the package of your choice.
  2. We will deliver views (hence watch hours) on your channel gradually, spreading the views on different videos.
    The time required to deliver all the watch hours you ordered is 4-15 days, depending on your videos’ lenght and how many hours you bought.
  3. Your channel has reached the required threshold (4000 hours) to request a review to enter the YouTube Partner Program.
  4. At this point you can activate monetization and wait for YouTube’s response, which according to them takes about a month, although based on our clients experience YouTube, nowadays, replies after just a couple of days. If your channel content meets the requirements you will be accepted with no problems!

Note that 100% of our clients (with monetizable content) get approved, so you simply have to make sure your videos meet the YouTube monetization policy, then place the orders and wait until your channel reach 4000 hours.

So…you don’t have to do much, you don’t have to promote your videos or keep producing quality videos. Just sit back, relax, and get your channel monetized in a matter of days!

Terms & Conditions

Once started, this service cannot be stopped.
For any delays in the delivery, the customer can request a full refund of the amount, only and only if the order has not been started yet. The website itself will refund back the client if the channel doesn’t meet our requirements.

Refund policy at delivered service

Once the service has been delivered (completed), the sales contract is considered concluded and the sale is final, therefore, no refund is allowed. An exception is obviously made if the site – for whatever reason – fails to deliver the promised amount of hours. In this case the customer would be refunded proportionally to the missing hours.

Boost watch time, authority and get monetized!