We are a YouTube specialized marketing agency from Italy, that was launched in early 2019 from two friends, a succesfull YouTube content creator and a developer.

After growing day by day and establishing ourselves as the best italian YouTube platform in less than two years since our birth, we decided to take our YouTube services and strategies abroad to allow international clients the opportunity to find us (and, of course, to reach more clients!๐Ÿ™‚).

This is why in semptember 2020 we did a business plan and invested over 10.000$ to “go international” and after a couple months, in november 2020, we finally launched our english website and services.

Our goal is to conquer the english market confident of the quality and innovation of our services, oriented to a real and organic marketing strategy, in an era where YouTube gets smarter day by day at detecting bots and fake interactions.

Other than our services, we see as “innovative” our refund policy. We noticed that also in the international social media market, most websites do not offer refunds. For this reason we are proud to have a refund policy for all of our products. Something that should be normal in our opinion, but most websites lack.

Goes without saying that we are confident you won’t ask for a refund, as our services are top notch and we can’t wait to prove it, by having you as our client.

CEO of Lenos