Buy real comments,  from real accounts and different devices, delivered the way you want them.

Buying YouTube Comments has never been as safe and real!

But you may ask…why? How is that possible? Well,

Let’s have a look at 6 commenting features 👇

1. Manually written ✍️

Whether random or custom, all comments are written by real people

2. Unique devices 💻

Each comment is from a different device and IP (see later how!)

3. Decide the genre 👦👧

You can decide whether you want comments from female or male users

4. Get also likes 👍

As a nice “side effect”, your video and the comments on the video will get some like too

5. Emojis working ❤️‍🔥

Yes, we can send comments with emoji’s, since they are manually written by real people

5. Competitive pricing 🏷️

See it yourself: despite the quality, the pricing is low, starting 0.1$ per comment!

The last YouTube comments service you will ever try!

Afterall, it’s a LenosTube service.