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Check the rank of your YouTube video for any given keyword and in any country in the world. You can also track its ranking over time to see if your YouTube marketing efforts are paying off.

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FAQs about this YouTube rank checker & tracker

How does this YouTube rank checker work? How does it get the results?

This rank tracker uses the official YouTube’s API, and as a result, it is 100% accurate in providing results. After you click on “Check rank”, our server will fetch via YouTube’s API the ranking of the video, in your given country, and in that specific moment.

When I check the ranking manually, the result is different. Why?

When you search for something on YouTube, the rankings are influenced by your watch history. YouTube’s algorithm adapts to each user’s preferences and, as a result, two different people may see different rankings. That being said, the rankings will have minimal differences among users – if any – and therefore a YouTube rank checker and tracker is an efficient and reliable tool to use.

Note: if you search for your YouTube video using the incognito mode of your browser, the result you see will match by 100% the official YouTube API ranking!

How to track the ranking of the YouTube video?

To track the rank of your YouTube video, you need to visit the ranking result page again. Each time you visit the page, the rank gets automatically updated. Make sure to save the unique URL of your rank tracking page, so you can come back to check how your YouTube video is progressing!

Can you automate my YouTube video’s rank tracking?

Yes, we can! Drop us a message for more info and we can set up an automated server for your videos or channel.

How The YouTube Algorithm Ranks Videos (On Search)

The YouTube algorithm works in slightly different ways between different displaying options.(suggested videos, trending, search, etc.)

We explained this in our article about how the algorithm works. In this section, we will focus especially on how the algorithm ranks videos for YouTube search.

To rank a video on YouTube for a given keywords, the following factors are taken into consideration. They are listed in order of importance.

  1. Title and keywords relevancy. To make an example, if your video title does not mention “iPhone”, it will never rank for the query “Best iPhone”
  2. Channel authority. Just like websites, the authority of a channel is essential when it comes to rank videos on YouTube search. The authority depends on the channel’s history, its watch time, subscribers, and overall algorithm reputation. A channel topical relevancy is also important. If your channel main topic is about “food”, a video about iPhone won’t benefit as much of the channel’s authority.
  3. Video performance. The video performance is another essential factor. This includes a number of different metrics that calculate a video performance, such as likes/dislikes, views, average watch time, returning viewers, shares, backlinks and more.
  4. The last click. This is part of a video performance, but deserves a paragraph of its own, since it is very important. The last click means that the user, after searching the query, won’t watch any other video for that same query after yours. It is common for people to click on different videos and then going back to the search results once again. For this reason, “The last click” is a powerful metric that shows YouTube that a specific video satisfied the user search intent.
  5. CTR. Also CTR is a video performance metric that deserves its own space. CTR (click-through-rate) is the percentage of people that actually click on a video after seeing its thumbnail and title (impression). It is calculated using the formula impressions/clicks. Similarly to Last click, it shows what users like the most or – at least – are more interested to watch.

How You Can Influence And Improve Your Video’s Ranking

As we just learnt what influences the ranking of a video on YouTube, it is easier now to understand how the rank of a video can be increased on YouTube search.

The most important part, is to optimize the video tags, descriptions and title to thee keywords you are targeting. And the title is the most essential part. The title should also be intriguing to click, so that your video can have a higher CTR. At the same time, it should not be clickbait. If the user won’t find what he expects, he might go back to the search results which would decrease the rank and not give your video the Last click.

As per channel authority, it is something you build over time. It is also the same reason why some people purchase ready YouTube channels, especially people who need to rank on the top of YouTube search, such as affiliate marketers and people who do how to/review type of videos.

That being said, we believe that buying an existing channel won’t always work. It is therefore essential to make deep research and do not over-pay for it.

If you are planning to use the same channel for long-term, then the best investment is to work on increasing the authority of the same, in order to build long term success and higher YouTube rankings.

While some metrics require time, many videos and a natural growth, others can be boosted. Specifically, we have seen how external social media shares, video embeds (articles and websites embedding a video) and backlinks have a slow but powerful effect over a channel’s ranking results.

For this same reason, we provide manually written social media shares (here) and video embeds (here). They are helpful to improve a video ranking but more generally, the authority of a whole channel.

Then, it comes the video performance. The most important part is creating a quality video that reflect and satisfies the users search query. By doing so, likes (and not dislikes), average watch time and shares will happen naturally.

At the same time, it is possible to increase the ranker further via effective boosting strategies. We have seen, specifically, a higher amount of watch time to have a positive effect.

For this purpose, high retention views (you can find them here) are a powerful ally. We also developed “Keyword SEO Views”, views designed specifically to increase rankings on YouTube search by boosting CTR and Last click. Find our keyword views here.

It is worth noting that these type of views tend to improve a video’s ranking quickly and for a shorter term of period, while organic and external metrics (just as shares or embeds) take more time to kick-in but provide much higher value on the long-term.

So, weย  hope this small guide will help you to increase the ranking of your video on YouTube search and, while working on it, don’t forget to track its ranking with our free tool to see if your efforts are paying off ๐Ÿ˜‰