SEO Audit of your YouTube Channel

Take your channel to the next level and increase organic traffic with expert advice. Analysis and optimization of your channel’s content, video metadata and analytics + a keyword strategy for the future to reach more people.

Audit Seo Per Canale YouTube Professionale
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YouTube Channel SEO Audit 🔎📈

Optimize your channel and invest on its future with our SEO Analysis.

What we do?

• We look at the content and we tell you the mistakes you are making and what you can improve to increase watch time and conversion, two fundamental metrics on YouTube

• We look at all the video metadata (title, description, tags) and advise you how to edit or improve them to increase traffic

• We also give an audit on the appearance and organization of the channel in general (including playlist, banner, logo, channel description)

• We search for topics and keywords related to content of your channel with high volume, low authority and positive trend. This way you can produce videos around keywords that will get you more traffic. (keyword strategy)

⏱️ Delivery time: 7-15 Days

📝 You will receive a report with all the mistakes and optimization tips regarding the videos currently on the channel, optimization tips for your future videos and a list of keywords with a good volum/competition index to focus on.

🤵 For best results you should temporarely add as channel managers so we can analyze your channel’s analytics. (see below how to add as manager, it’s a very simple and safe process!).

BONUS 1: As a bonus, we will create a customized and professional Outro (to contain End Screens) for your channel.
BONUS 2: For each existing video, we will create 5 manual social shares to increase it’s ranking.
BONUS 3: We will create 3 hand written articles about your channel to increase it’s authority.

How does it work?

After purchasing the package, it’s best if you can add us as channel managers*. In this way we can analyze the statistics and performance of individual videos and, with your consent, directly optimize the metadata (title, tag, description). If you prefer, we won’t modify the metadata ourselves but we will only suggest you what changes you should do and then you decide whether to implement them or not!
*Adding a manager takes two minutes and it’s risk free. You can find a short how to tutorial at the bottom of the page.

Then…just relax while we analyze your channel and its videos. After 7-14 days you will receive via mail a report that includes mistakes, optimization tips, keyword strategy + the 3 bonus services.

What results can I expect?

Following the audit and the interventions on the videos present, you can already expect a growth in the number of views in a totally organic way within a few weeks. You will also be enriched with tips and strategies (such as the list of keywords) on which to focus to improve the performance of future videos. With this service in fact, what you are doing is investing in the organic growth of your channel.

What does “SEO” mean?

You have probably heard it already, but probably not when talking YouTube. Well SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a term originally used to improve the ranking of websites in search engine results. In this case, SEO, or VSEO refers to the positioning and authority of the YouTube channel and its videos on the platform and on the search results.

Will this Audit increase the ranking of my videos for certain keywords?

Yes, we will also optimize your content so it can rank better on its main keyword. Since we are talking about YouTube and the traffic also comes from other sources other than user’s search (such as suggested or featured videos) this analysis improves the channel authority as a whole and not only on the search results.

Optimize your Channel for organic growth

Quick Summary

Our experienced team will analyze and see how your channel can improve organic traffic.

In addition to the optimization of your current videos and your channel, we will provide you a list of keywords and topics related to your channel’s content to focus on in the future that could guarantee you a more views thanks to their great volume/competio ratio.

We will also provide you with tips to improve conversion and watch time of future videos.

As a bonus to our Seo Audit, we will create a customized end screen outro will be created for you that you can add at the end of future videos to improve the conversion  percentage of visitors into new subscribers/views 🚀

We will create 5 manual social shares for each video to increase their rank and the channel’s authority in general.

We will publish on niche related websites 3 hand written articles about your channel and the niche. The articles will include a link to your channel and embedded videos to increase its authority.

Usually these 3 “bonus” services have a price of 100+$ in total but with our seo Audit they are included for free.

YouTube Seo: Are you optimizing your YouTube channel?

Here some question that you should ask yourself!

Do I have a keyword strategy behind each video?

Use keywords with a good volume/competition ratio and use the metadata to connect videos that are similar, so that YouTube recommends videos from your channel similar to the one the user has just watched and enjoyed. (results in increased watch time and coversion).

Do I have a keyword strategy for the future?

Keywords and topics to focus on in the future that can increase your views, maybe considering your older videos that got the most success. Also make sure to have a keyword strategy related to the niche of your channel, so you can engage your subscribers and take advantage of your niche-specific channel authority.

Are the keywords that I am targeting in the title?

Also, are you using them in the right format? If you want to rank for a keyword, the title is crucial. Sometimes it’s a good thing to think as if you are the user who has to search for the video on YouTube [1]. Also, using rounds of words or long phrases for highly competitive keywords can be a way to get good traffic [2].

Let’s make two very simple exemples:

[1] You have a video about cooking rice. To rank for the keyword, best titles would be “rice recipe” or “how to cook rice”, and not “me cooking a rice. Because those are the sentences that users will put in the search bar to find such videos.

[2] You have a video in a highly competitive niche or about a competitive keyword, like “how to delete instagram account”. If you create a video with such a title, you will hardly get views – also as suggested views.
Take the smart secondary route and use a unique and original title, like: “delete your instagram profile in less than one minute”.

Did I optimize description and tags of my video?

Create simple and attractive descriptions that improve conversion and retention. In the tags ese the video’s keywords and related topics of interest. This way you give the main keyword more power and, at the same time, you tell YouTube who to suggest your video to so you can get better watch time and results from suggested views. But don’t overdo it to avoid the risk of incurring in a YouTube penalty! (spam).

Are the main keywords repeated at least twice?

Did you let YouTube know exactly who you want to target and the main topic of your video? The better YouTube understands the topic and the audience potentially interested in your content, the better the video will perform when recommended (and therefore you will get even more views and subscribers, which is the goal!)

Am I observing and ’emulating’ my competitors?

Observing the content and keywords of your most successful competitors (channels dealing with similar topics) and implementing them is a smart and effective way to improve your channel. Don’t copy, but get inspired!

Am I creating videos that start strong and have no “dead moments”?

If you want to keep the user on your channel, you need to understand how not to bore him but to keep him on the video. This is especially important in the very beginning of the video, so make sure to catch his attention and make him curious about the rest of the video. Why? Because, on average, more than 20% of users leave the video within the first 30 seconds … after all, the first impression is essential!

Am I finishing the videos in good fashion? Do I take advantage of end screens?

When a new visitor finishes the video, it would be a shame if they leave “forever” without continuing their engagement with your channel. End your video in a cool way and don’t forget to use YouTube’s end screens to improve conversion to new views or subscribers!

How to add us as channel editor or viewer

To allow us to do the audit in the best possible way we recommend that you add us as channel managers. It takes just two minutes and it’s safe (no password required).

If you want us to edit and optimize some of the metadata (tags, decription) you should add as editor. If you want us just to tell you what changes you could do (and then eventually do it yourself) adding us as viewer is enough.

1) First, you need to go to your YouTube channel Studio (direct link:

2) Then, on the left bar, click on ‘settings’. From the settings tab, click on ‘permissions’

3) At this point, click on ‘invite’, decide which role to give us and insert our email. (We will tell you which email address to add once you bought the package).

Screenshot on how to add editor

With this operation, you do not lose control of the channel and we can’t delete any video. We obviously were not going to do that anyway, but just to remind you how safe it is! But you allow us to access the channel and view the statistics and tags of the video, for example. Once the audit is complete, we will remove ourselves from the role.

If you have any question regarding the operation, do not hesitate to contact us!

Do you want to optimize your current videos and grow faster?

We’ll think about it. Get a SEO Analysis and improve the appeal and traffic of your YouTube channel in a natural way. Also get a personalized and professional final outro and a keyword strategy for the future. Click here to take the elevator!