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Lenos YouTube Likes (Stable, natural, real)

β€’ Not your usual likes service. YouTube likes from real people.

β€’ Quality and permanent likes

β€’ Mostly real likes (55-70%)

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Delivery speed is 40+ likes per day

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We are taking YouTube marketing to the next level. And our YouTube likes make no exception.

With Google getting smarter day by day and at discovering bots and many services around the web facing drop issues, we are happy to provide a stable service with a slow growth that includes likes from real people.


When we elaborate your order, your video’s link is inserted in a network that includes several websites and apps where real people like your video to unlock features, points or make money – depending on the website. 60+% of the likes from this service will therefore be from real people.*

For this reason, these likes are stable or with very low natural drops, 1-2% max. And in case of drops, as always, we got you covered by a refill guarantee.


  • Your likes will start to increase in 0-12 hours
  • The larger the order, the longer it takes to complete the delivery. We will deliver 40+ likes per day, every day, until the amount of the package purchased is reached. Example: 300 likes may take up to 10 days to complete.
  • We always deliver more likes than you ordered!

You can buy 50 likes (our most purchased package) but also 100, 200 and more…


  • To use this service, your video must have previous likes. We can’t accept videos with 0 likes. Also, your video should have at least 100 views.


  • For these likes, you are covered by a lifetime refill guarantee. This means that in case of drops* on the likes count, we will deliver new likes on your video at no additional cost.

*As earlier explained, these likes are non-drop or very low drop. But just in case, we got you covered.

Benefits in buying real and slow likes

  • Slow and natural growth, that won’t alert YouTube or make other people think that you are buying likes. In other words, you won’t go from 1 to 1000 likes in 1 day, which doesn’t seem very organic.
  • Yes, real users leave likes just to unlock features or get money, but you never know. Maybe the title of the video attracts them and they decide to watch it or to subscribe. This means you could also receive extra views or subscribers.
  • Increase the engagement rate of your video
  • Make your video more attractive and appealing. The number of likes is one of social metrics that shows how much a video has been appreciated by the audience. Therefore, by increasing the likes your video will come off as more appreciated and popular.

About likes/dislikes ratio…

The likes and dislikes on your video indicate your viewer’s feedback to your content. It is a must to try to lessen the number of dislikes. It should also be relative to the likes your content has achieved. Many content creators have pointed out that no engagement is a bad thing. (Vivamedia)

Full Privacy

None of the information you enter while shopping on Lenos can be viewed by third parties nor is shared with them. Delivery of likes happens gradually and with a natural pattern. You can shop with confidence, because no one will know that you bought likes.

100% Secure Payment

All payments done on this site will be processed in a safe payment infrastructure. All your personal information and card details will be encrypted with 256 bit SSL to create a 100% secure purchasing environment.

More Questions?

If you have more questions, you can visit our frequently asked questions page or contact us from the contact page.

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