Buy Real English YouTube Views

Get 100% real, safe and monetizable YouTube views. Your video will be promoted in english speaking countries only including Usa & Uk.

Likes will be Real, USA located


Real & English YouTube Views

โ€ข 100% Real Views* and Monetizable

โ€ข Source of views: direct promotion and advertising networks on websites

โ€ข Your video will be promoted on english speaking countries only

โ€ข Geography: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland!

โ€ข Amazing for music videos or short videos (will trigger the algorithm too)

Speed: slow but non stop

Safe, stable (neverd drop after purchase) and monetizable!

Control: stop the service whenever you want and get a partial refund

To use this service your video must be public and without country/age restrictrions

* Since they are real views your video might receive user engagement such as likes, dislikes, subs, etc..

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More info about real & english views

If your video is in english, then these are the best views you could buy. The video will be shown to real people located in countries where english is the native language.

100% real & 100% english language targeted. Simple as that.

Source of views

The video is sponsored through different types of advertising campaigns involving real people, including campaigns that lead to the promotion of the video on partner websites where the video is played automatically while the user visits the web page.

On your analytics, views will show up as external traffic. A small percentage might be counted as direct traffic.

During our testings, these views also triggered the algorithm on “dead” videos which were getting zero views. As you can see, the video starts receiving traffic from browse features or suggested videos! (On short videos, this is more likely to happen)

Another thing we noticed, is that similar videos on the channel (where no views where being sent) started getting suggested views out of nowhere (screenshot above). This might be because of users coming from the campaign target video, or YouTube recommending also other videos from the same channel. (Of course, results may vary for each channel and video, this is no guarantee. One thing is sure, on short videos these views have best effects!)

Geography of audience

Video will be promoted only in english speaking countries. The countries are United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada are Tier 1 Countries.

With this service, you do not only get views from english speaking countries. You get views from tier 1 countries too.

Only native english speaking countries of first tier. Also the recommended views, will come from those countries since YouTube “follows” the audience.
As you can see USA traffic is limited. This is because USA traffic is very expensive and campaign will naturally get more traction from other english countries.

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Engagement of user

Since these views are coming from real users the audience retention can vary.
Also viewers could leave comments, likes, disklikes, etc.
We have no control over visitors actions!


  • To use this service your video must be public and without restrictions of any kind. (age, country*). Ordering views for restricted videos might result in receiving less views than you ordered.

*Of course if your video is restriced – let’s say – in Russia, that is not a problem since the video will not be promoted in that country.


  • The start of the service is guaranteed within 24 hours; most of the times your views will start to increase after just a couple hours.
  • Since the views are delivered gradually, it could take several days to complete the delivery of all the purchased views. Current speed is 300+ views per day, but the speed might vary depending on how many videos are being promoted at the same time or traffic cost.

Length of Warranty

  • The duration of the refill guarantee is 100 days. This means that in case of any drop, new views will be delivered and free of charge. In any case these views have never dropped and never will, since they are 100% real views.

Good reasons to buy English Real Views by Lenos

  • The views are safe and monetizable, therefore they generate ads income on your videos (without any risk).
  • The video receives 300+ new views every day, a gradual growth with a natural pattern.
  • Direct promotion of the video that leads to exclusively real interactions.
  • Video will be promoted only in english speaking countries, which makes this service the best for english videos.
  • These views increase the watch time so they can also be used to reach the threshold of 4000 watch hours to then activate monetization through a 100% real campaign.
  • These views will trigger YouTube algorithm since they bring traffic from external sources to YouTube. And YouTube loves that.

We discovered that video views have a significant correlation with rankings (Brian Dean, Backlinko)

Full Privacy

None of the information you enter while shopping on Lenos can be viewed by third parties nor is shared with them. Delivery of views happens gradually and from organic sources. You can shop with confidence, because no one will know that you purchased views.

100% Secure Payment

All payments done on this site will be processed in a safe payment infrastructure. All your personal information and card details will be encrypted with 256 bit SSL to create a 100% secure purchasing environment.

More Questions?

If you have more questions, you can visit our frequently asked questions page or contact us from the contact page.

Terms & Conditions

An interruption of the service and partial refund is possible for this service. If you wish to stop the campaign, just contact us and whithin 24 hours we will stop a campaign and issue a partial refund. The amount of the refund is proportional to the the amount of views that have not been delivered after stopping the campaign. Also, customers happyness is our priority. Even when the order is completed, If you are unhappy about the order you can ask for a 30% refund.

Real, permanent and english views.