Views from YouTube Ads Campaign

Buy country specific views from advertising campaign on YouTube. 100% compliant with YouTube terms of service.✅

Only real users, good watch time and lifetime stable. Select the country and keyword target you prefer, and get real viewers. 🎯

Lowest YouTube ads rates guaranteed thanks to our Google partner status! 🏅

Why +100%? Because if a client selects just one "english" country (such as USA,UK,Austalia...) the campaign will be slower and have higher cost, so we need more budget for a smooth run. But don't worry, if you select a country which is not "english" or a mix of countries, we will make up for the extra cost with nice EXTRA delivery, promise!
One keyword per line. Leave empty if no keyword targeting is needed. Please note that specific keywords might slow down the campaign speed, due to limited traffic volume
We can add 2 related videos, shown below your video Ad. Scroll down for more information
Videos longer than 10 minutes require higher budget. Videos longer than 30 minutes might not work. In that case, the order would get refunded. For videos over 30 minutes we suggest using our "Discovery ads".

Note: Views will not start instantly, since Google approval is required. Also, at times some videos despite approved by Google don’t get impressions. If your video has no views after 48h (5-10% of cases) don’t hesitate to contact us!


Country targeted views from YouTube Ads

Only real people 👨👩

• The videos gets sponsored through Google AdWords advertising on YouTube (also known as YouTube Ads)

• You can choose any country, including USA and UK! If you select “International”, views will be worldwide, and you will receive a discount plus extra views!

• Great avg. watch time (Depends on duration of quality of the video of course, but for instance a 4-5 min. long video will often receive retention time of 2 minutes)

• These views are lifetime guaranteed (they will never, never drop)

• The campaign must be manually set up and then approved by Google. For this reason, the views start to rise 0-24 hours after you place the order, in more rare cases even 48 hours. *

100% safe on monetized videos or music videos ✅

100% Compliant with YouTube Terms Of Service ✅

* Because of this reason, if views don’t start after placing the order kindly wait up to 48 hours before contacting us, If you need the views to increase soon after placing the order, we recommend you to also buy our “english views”, or “real views”. They can run at the same time as Google Ads.

Your ultimate goal is engagement and channel growth?

Before you proceed buying, you should know that we have another YouTube Ads package. The other package would be more expensive but it’s the best service you could use if your ultimate goal is engagement (likes, comments, subs) and real channel growth.

What is the difference? The difference is in the YouTube Ad Format.

When you buy YouTube Ads views from this page, we set campaigns using skippable in-stream Ads. This, pretty much, means your video will be played as an ad before other YouTube videos. You have seen it a lot of them on YouTube, you see one most of the times you play a new video!

Instead, when you buy our Discovery Ads Views, we use a different Ad Format which is best for YouTube engagement and channel growth. It is more pricey but as we say, the best service you could buy if your main goal is to grow naturally. 🙂

Played before a video, as skippable ad. It’s not the user who decides to watch it, but the ad is shown him depending on his interests. (affinity)

As for Discovery, the video is either placed as suggested video, in the home feed or a search result. The user watches the video only when he clicks on the thumbnail. It’s best for growth and engagement.

More info about [Targeted] YouTube Ads Views

Increase the number of views on your YouTube video by purchasing safe and lifetime guaranteed YouTube views.

For each video we set up an individual campaign via YouTube Ads (Google AdWords) and once it gets approved by Google (24-72 hours) the video receives country targeted quality views.

You can select the country target of your views between many options, including UK, USA, Russia, India…the average retention is also excellent: as previously said it depends on the type of video and its length, but for example a music video of 4 minutes receives an average viewing watch time of 2 minutes.

Ads views would cost quite much and have a very slow delivery speed but, thanks to our marketing strategies and deals, we made the whole process more simple. Simply put the video link to your video and relax.

♛ Inside the Analytics: Video will be promoted with YouTube Advertising system

Traffic source: YouTube advertising

As you can see, the video will be promoted using AdWords. (mostly YouTube skippable video ads)

♛ Views growth pattern is slow and natural

You will get mostly views during daytime, because users are more active. The speed varies but you can expect 200+ views per day

♛ Great audience retention

Average watch time depends on the video, but it’s 2 minutes on average, so pretty good

Adding Related Videos To The Main Google Ads Video

As you see, it is possible to add two related videos for free. But what does it mean? Will you get more views? Well, adding “Related” videos means that while your video Ad is playing, below the Ad two more videos will appear as related/suggested videos.

All the advertising budget will be spent for your main video but, when watching your Ad, users will see the thumbnails and titles of your videos. While this will not have any major impact in your campaign, it can still be helpful, because:

  1. If users get distracted by other videos, at least it will be yours.
  2. There are more chances of users clicking on your video Ad and, therefore, visiting your channel and not just watching your video.

See below an illustration.


  • The campaign must be approved by Google so the activation time is 24-72 hours. So don’t panic, it may take up to 72 hours to see increment of views!
  • Once the service starts, the video receives views from your selected country in a natural and slow growth pattern.
  • The daily speed depends on the quantity purchased. The higher the quantity, the greater the number of new daily views. However, growth occurs naturally and gradually.
  • If the campaign is not approved, the customer will be notified and fully refunded. (It is very rare to happen)


  • Since the video campaign must be approved by Google, the video content must be “advertiser friendly” and therefore:
    – No violence
    – No naked images

If you want to make large orders (over 200,000 and up to 1 million) contact us. A custom and discounted price will be made.

Benefits of buying country targeted Views via YouTube Ads

  • Increase the number of views and authority of the video in your selected country in a way 100% compliant with the YouTube terms of service. The video is in fact sponsored through Google itself. We use the Google AdWords promotion service for YouTube (YouTube Ads).
  • The purchased views are country targeted and also with a good average watch time. Increasing the watch time increases the authority and positioning of the channel in the selected country.


Can they be used on monetized videos?

Yes, campaigns can be used safely on monetized videos. However, being “advertisements” themselves, they do not generate revenue.

Can I start two or more campaigns simultaneously on the same video?

No, before placing a second order wait for the campaign to be completed. But you can buy different views services on the same video i.e. “Real English views”.

Does the video also receive likes, subscriptions, etc?

Yes, the video may receive natural interactions i.e. likes, dislikes, subscribers. If you want extra likes, let us know and without additional costs we add likes. Please note that our campaigns with Discovery Ads have much better engagement than this prodict, as they are targeted and the user decides to click on the video. If engagement matters to you, use our YouTube Discovery Ads. They are slight more expensive, but worth it.

Do they count as 4000 watch hours?

No. YouTube decided that views from sponsored videos or private videos are not counted into the 4000 hours required for monetization. Good news is that we have a service specifically for that purpose.

What countries are available?

When placing the order you can select only from a few countries, which are the more popular. Anyway, we can target more countries. Simply let us know what country you would like to receive views from!
Here is a list of all available countries: Usa, Uk, Australia, India, Canada, France, Germany, Brazil, Russia, South America (mixed countries), Egypt, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Turkey, Japan, Poland, Saudi Arabia.

Why my public counter displays less views?

You might notice that not all of the ads views that your receive will count as public views. (i.e. you receive +900 ads views, but the public counter receives just +700). The reason for this is that YouTube doesn’t count all views coming from advertisements. Here is Google’s explanation on the matter:
“For TrueView in-stream ads running on YouTube, paid advertising views will be counted as public views on the video when one of the following happens: someone watches a complete ad that’s 11-30 seconds long, someone watches at least 30 seconds of an ad that’s more than 30 seconds long, or someone interacts with the ad”. Source: Google Support

Country targeted quality views from YouTube Ads