Buy YouTube Ads Views (Organic Discovery Campaign)

If you wanna grow your YouTube channel, look no further. The best YouTube growth service. Simply give us the link and we will show your video to real and targeted people who will interact with your video and channel.

Tell us the language of your video, so we will target only users who speak that language natively.
We will target countries and people depending on the language you told us and we will target keywords and interests depending on the video content. Yet, if you think there is any relevant targeting keyword to your video, write it below.
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Key Points

YouTube Discovey Ads Campaign

• The video is sponsored through YouTube Discovery Ads (Google AdWords)

• 100% real and organic interactions!

• Fully managed campaign that will target real & interested people based on keywords and niche

• Optimization every 48 hours to increase engagement

• Advertising campaigns must be set up manually and approved by Google, so views will start in 0-48 hours

• Video may receive likes/dislikes/comments left by users

• Channel may receive subscribers

• Random viewing time (depends on the user and the video)

• The views are real and therefore permanent and never drop

• The minimum order is 5,000 views. This is because we have to set up and optimize campaigns manually

✔️ Views boost 100% compliant with YouTube terms of service

⏸️ Priority support. If you are not satisfied, we stop the campaign and you will receive a proportional refund.

⚠️ To use the service, the video must not contain explicit or copyrighted content, else Google will not approve our campaign (more information in the product requirements section, later on this page)

All YouTube campaigns will be set and managed by our trained and certified Ads team

You simply need to tell us your link and keywords and we do all the rest.
Included campaign set-ip, targeting interested users and optimizing it (every 48h) based on the data received to improve its performance.

More info about our Premium YouTube Ads Service

Buy safe & best for growth YouTube views from real users. In fact, the video will be sponsored through Google Ads campaigns (YouTube Discovery Ads, to be accurate).

Considering they are real users their interaction cannot be controlled and the watch time is random (depends on each single user and video’s quality). The video will also receive comments/subscribers/likes/dislikes etc.

Something you should know: Following a recent YouTube update, views that come from YouTube Ads do not count for the 4000 hours threesold required for monetization. If your goal is to reach 4000 hours, check out the other services on our site.


  • The campaign is manually set-up and must then be approved by Google so the views will start in 0-48 hours (Most of times less than 24hours)


Before placing an order, make sure your video can be promoted via YouTube Ads. Google doesn’t accept all kind of content, therefore the video you want to promote must meet the following requirements:
– No Copyright* (unless fair use)
– No explicit language
– No naked scenes
– No weapons/drugs/blood/politics
– Often, Google rejects also videos about Economy and Financial subject. You can still place an order, if we are unable to get the campaign approved, we will refund you.

*What does copyright mean? It means video which are completely coprighted, such as Sports highlights, Movies, Tv shows.
If your video includes copyright in a transformative way, don’t worry. Google will accept it!

Lifetime Guarantee

Since these views come from real people, using as advertising system YouTube itself, the views the video receives will never drop. Never. They will be there forever, even in 10 years.

Benefits of buying Real Views via YouTube Ads

  • Increase the number of views in a way which is 00% in compliance with YouTube’s terms of service. The video is, as a fact, sponsored with Google advertising service, Google Ads.
  • If engagement and watch time is good, your video will also start getting “free” traffic from suggested views or watch page. This is because YouTube gets positive data about your video and starts suggesting it also to other viewers. For this reason (and to maximize engagement results) we recommend to use our YouTube Ads views with your very best videos. Using your best video is better than the most recent, when it comes to this service.
  • Engagement as “side effect”. You pay for views, but each view will come from a real person which was found based on specific keywords and interested in your niche. This means your video will also get engagement such as likes, comments, subscribers.


What are YouTube Discovery Ads?

Discovery Ads are a type of video ads that appear in search results and on YouTube watch pages for both desktop and mobile computers, as well as on the YouTube app. Pretty much, they are like suggested videos but the difference is that they are not being placed by the algorithm, but because we pay YouTube to do so.

So, the user sees the thumbnail and title and then eventually decides to click on it  and play the video. Users will pay only when the user clicks and watches the video, not for impressions.

Are YouTube Discovery Ads Effective?

They are certainly the most effective solution in case your goal is to get real views from really interested users. They are the best paid views for engagement and channel growth. This, mostly because the following 3 reasons
1) Since users are already on YouTube, they are more likely to have and be signed into a YouTube account, which means they can easily interact with the video (like, comment) or subscribe to the channel.
2) Because campaigns can be set up with niche and keyword targeting (like we do). This means that the video will be shown to potentially interested people, and not randomly
3) Because in the end, it is always the user who decides to watch the video. YouTube might show him the thumbnail, but it’s the user who must feel interest toward the video and click on it to watch it.

Why is the price so high compared to other views?

The price is higher because it is 100% real and because the video is sponsored by YouTube, directly on YouTube. However, the our prices – considering we are talking about YouTube Ads – are extremely low. In fact, if you tried to set up a campaign yourself, you would pay a minimum of 10$ for 1000 views (as the minimum cpc is 0.1) … in addition to having to set up and manage the campaign.

Our marketing strategies and being a Google partner allow us to access lower prices – which are also reflected in the final cost offered to the customer.

So you pay a fair price, without having to do any work other thank sending us your video link.

Can I monetize views from YouTube Ads?

No, these views are Ads themselves so they do not generate revenue. (Meaning YouTube will not show ads before or during the video)

Of course, if the user subscribes to your channel or watches other videos, those video will be eligible for royalties.

Can I run two or more YouTube Ads campaigns on the same video at the same time?

If your campaign is about to end and you want to make sure it continues, you can already place a new order.

Can I order less than 5,000 views?

No, it is not possible to order less than 5,000 views because to process the order we have to set up the YouTube campaign manually and it is not worth it for small orders. It is also difficult to optimize the on-going campaign in terms of engagement and targeting with less data (views). If you want to order cheaper packages with smaller quantities, we recommend you to take a look at the other services on the website.

Terms and conditions

It may happen that the service cannot be provided if Google does not approve the video campaign. In this, the Site itself will issue a full refund to the client.
Once the campaign has been completed, it is not possible to request a refund. However, it is possible to request an interruption while the campaign is in progress and a partial refund will be issued. The refund will be proportional to the missing views. (i.e. delivered 6k out of 10k purchased, partial refund will be 40%, because 4k views are missing.)

Get real views, engagement and grow your channel.