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Get country targeted Social Shares for your YouTube video and increase rank. You can decide which country (including UK, US, Canada) and which Social Media. And it gets even better, because Real views are included in the campaign.

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Country targeted Social Shares for your video

• Shares of your video on different Social Media platforms (including Facebook, Twitter and more!)

• Great way to improve rank of your video 🚀

• Total Control ⭐ Pick your favorite country & Social media

• You can pick the country target. United States & UK available. Shares will come from account and IP’s of the country you selected.

• You can decide on which Social Media the video will be shared (or selcet the mix package)

• Shares will be visible in your video analytics 2-4 days after delivery (the time necessary to YouTube to update data)

• Please note: these shares will NOT generate direct traffic from social media. Video is shared on private feeds. They are exclusively useful for SEO purpose

✔️ 100% safe and non drop

⚡ Fast delivery (50+ shares per day)

More info about our YouTube Social Shares

With this service your video will be shared on several high authority social media platforms to increase the ranking. The unique aspect of these shares is that you can decide from which country and in which language the video will be shared.

You can decide on which Social Media the video will be shared or pick our Social Media Mix. We recommend either Facebook, Pinterest or Mix.

Your video will be shared only from accounts or IP’s from the country you selected. This is especially useful if your audience is mostly from one country or if you want to get views from a specific country.

Let’s say you create videos in english and a good percentage of your audience is from the US, then you should buy only US Social Shares. This is also because, buying shares from other countries would not look natural!

To make the service more effective and natural, for each order we will simultaneously deliver real views.

Note: These shares will not be public and therefore will not generate direct traffic. They are only useful for video seo purposes, as they are viewed by YouTube as shares. And YouTube loves when its videos get shared on social media because shares “steal” traffic from competitor social medias.

The number of shares a video generates is strongly tied to first page YouTube rankings. (backlinko, case study on 1,3 mln videos)

Key TakeawayHighly-shared videos outrank videos with fewer shares.

Difference between Mix, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and Pinterest Shares

Facebook Shares

If you purchase this package the video receives shares of the video on hundreds of private feeds which increase the authority of the video.

Facebook is one of main competitors of YouTube and that is why YouTube loves when your video gets shared on Facebook, as it is an opportunity to “steal” traffic from the competitor. This is why we recommend Facebook shares as first and most effective option!

If you order quantity over 100, we will also create manual posts with high engagement on real Facebook pages. See below an example and see how Facebook shares stats drastically increase!

So, if you buy Facebook shares the video receives both manual post on Facebook pages and shares on dozens of private feeds. To check the growth – in addition to YouTube Analytics – you can use the website ‘SharedCount’ (the one used in the second screenshot) which, by inserting the video link, shows the live number of Facebook shares  ⚡

Example of a Facebook manual share on one of our pages

Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest Shares

You can also select one of the above social media as target. On our experience they are all still effective, especially Pinterest.

We will always add extra real views to the order. If you order quantity of 100 or more, we will also manually create a high engament post on a Facebook page.

How to check the shares? Again, you can use SharedCount but also the website SignalCount, which shows shares from Reddit and Pinterest too.

Shares from different Social Medias (Mix)

You can also opt out for the shares mix option. In this case your video will be shared on the following social media platforms:
Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Odnoklassniki, VK and more.

As for the other packages, you will get also extra real views and manual post on a facebook page.


What are the best packages?

As previously stated, in our opinion the best and most effective Social Medias are Facebook and Pinterest. The Mix is great too, which is a diversified and natural package.

Will the real views come from the same country as the shares?

Of course, since we deliver views simultaneously to “justify” the shares, they will also be from the same country. We will set the ads campaign from the country you selected.

Will these shares help ranking my video?

Based on our testing and experience yes, these shares help your video rank after few days/weeks. We suggest you to buy a natural amount of shares. If your video doesn’t have many views, 100 are enough.

How do I know where my shares come from?

Please consider that YouTube analytics don’t show which country shares come from. Geographical data is available only for views and subscribers. YouTube clearly knows where your shares come from, but it’s not visible on your studio analytics.

In other words: unlike other Lenos services, you can’t have proof that the service is as described. But we promise that the shares we deliver are 100% country targeted 🙂

Do you have other countries?

We do have more countries than the listed ones. But we have less resources so we can deliver maximum 100-200 shares per video.
If you want another country, let us know.

Get your videos shared on most popular social media


  • You will always receive more shares than you ordered!
  • You will also receive extra real views. The more shares you buy, the more extra views we deliver.
  • Shares are delivered gradually at a rate of 50+ new shares per day. So, if you buy – let’s say – 500 shares, it will take 4 to 10 days to complete the order.


  • All good! No video requirements are needed for this service.

Benefits in buying our Country & Social Targeted Shares

  • Increase the video’s engagement rate. The engagement rate is a metric that measures the engagement and response of viewers to a social content (photo, video, article etc.). In the case of YouTube, the content is a video and the metric takes into account the user’s actions on it, therefore comments, likes, saves in playlists and…shares.
  • YouTube loves videos that generate shares as they bring traffic to YouTube from external sites. Although for this service the shares are private and therefore do not generate direct traffic, they are still viewed by YouTube as shares and they are useful for ranking.
  • These shares are country targeted so perfect if you are getting views mostly from a country, if your videos are in a specific language or if you want to specialize your channel into a target audience.

Full Privacy

None of the information you enter while shopping on Lenos can be viewed by third parties nor is shared with them. The shares are visible just to your statistic and we justify them with real views delivered at the same time. You can shop with confidence, because no one one will know that you bought shares. Not even YouTube.

100% Secure Payment

All your personal information and card details will be encrypted with 256 bit SSL to create a 100% secure purchasing environment.