Buy Views to Rank your YouTube video (Keyword Search + SEO)

Exclusive service to boost the ranking of your video. Buy super high retention YouTube views through keyword search on YouTube. All views will come from Tier 1 english countries! (USA, UK, Australia) ๐Ÿš€

๐Ÿ“ˆ CTR Boost
๐Ÿ“ˆ SEO Shares & Likes
๐Ÿ“ˆ Rank Growth

Image product showing Seo Views by KeyWord Search, a Lenos Exclusive
Insert keywords the user will search. (please scroll down to read our keywords recommendation)

The Key Points

SEO Views through keyword search on YouTube ๐Ÿ”

โ€ข These views have the goal of improving the ranking of your video on search query and in general

โ€ข Growth of ranking guranteed whithin a couple days or weeks (results depend also on quantity and keyword’s difficulty)

โ€ข Highest average watch time (70 to 90%)

โ€ข Only english speaking Tier 1 countries! [USA (mostly), UK, Canda, Australia]

โ€ข The user inserts your video’s keywords on youtube search bar, then picks your video out of all the results, which increase CTR

โ€ข Some viewers will also share the video (good for ranking)

โ€ข You decide the keywords (but please, read our keyword recommendation before placing the order)

โœ”๏ธ Stable and safe (no drops)

โš ๏ธ To use this service your video must have no age restriction and visible in USA, UK, Australia, Canada.

Additional info about this product

Which keyword to insert? (and our Pro Tip)

Please consider that you need to put a keyword for which your video is ranking already, so the user will find it. If you don’t, some of the views will eventually come from direct link since it’s impossible to find the video on search query. And if your video is not ranking for a specific keyword, don’t worry, because you can use our Pro Tip which, to be honest, is even more effective than targeting keywords related to the video!

The Pro Tip

So, YouTube (and Google) loves “brand search”. Is one of the metrics that tells how popular your website (or channel, in the case of YouTube) is. It also means that people liked your channel so much that they search it on YouTube to watch your videos.
So our pro tip is to use, as keywords, not the video’s keywords but the Channel’s username plus, eventually, some of the video keywords. Again, this is even better that targeting the video specific keyword ๐Ÿ™‚


Video: How to rank Videos on YouTube
Channel: YouRank77

The Keyword you should add is: “YouRank77 How to Rank Videos”
This way you target the video, you do brand search and at the same time users will surely find your video in the search query.

This way, you are sure your video will show up on query. And, at the same time, you add some Brand search which is even better than single keywords.

These views are ideal for those who want to improve the positioning of their video on YouTube search results, and are therefore great for tutorials, songs, offers or services. At the same time, thanks to brand search, they boost the whole channel authority. They are generally a great option for those who not only want to increase the views count but wanna do it with quality, with highest retention views (70-90%) and from english speaking countries only (USA, Australia).

About retention and average watch time

Please note that 70-90% depends on your video length. Also, the maximum amount of watch time we set is 10 minutes. If you have a longer video and you wish to receive a higher watch time, you need to contact us prior ordering for a custom price, since adding extra minutes to each single view will increase the cost of the service on our side.


  • Orders are manually started and they all start within 24 hours. Delays up to 72 hours may ocurr if we have many videos on queue.
  • The speed is 200-300 views per day
  • The views are guaranteed for life (they don’t drop)

Before placing the order…

  • Make sure that your video has no restrictions, therefore:
    – It is visible in all countries (especially USA, Australia)
    – It is not age restricted

Benefits of buying SEO views through keyword search

  • As explained, these views are great for improving the video’s ranking on YouTube search results
  • The purchased views also have a long watch time duration so they also allow you to increase the watch time and the authority of the channel
  • Views come only from Tier 1 and english speaking countries. This will tell YouTube that those people appreciate your videos and recommend your videos to more people from that country.
  • For orders of 2000 views or higher, we include free manual social shares for an additional video boost!


Using this service, in almost all cases there is an improvement in the positioning of the video in the search ranking. However, if there are no net improvements Lenos is NOT responsible. Also consider that it may happen that your video has been “shadow banned” by YouTube and therefore it does not even appear in the search results. Before ordering this service, you can verify that your video is indexed (not shadow banned) by searching for “video title + your channel name” on YouTube search bar.

Boost your video’s ranking with highest quality YouTube views