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Get comments in english and from verified USA/UK/AUS accounts with name and profile picture. Comments will have a positive vibe and include comments relevant to your video niche.

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Buy English YouTube Comments

• All comments will be in english language

• The content of the comment is chosen by us when processing the order. It includes generic comments (eg. “Great video!”), randomly picked from our pool of generic comments and personalized comment relevant to your video’s niche. [80% generic, 20% related to the video]

• Comments coming from real* and verified accounts with name, profile picture and sometimes also videos and playlist

• You can decide between english accounts and international accounts.
English accounts: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland.
International accounts: All Countries

✔️ Safe and stable

⚡ You will receive comments at a speed of 20+ per day

More info about english, positive comments

Boost your comment section with quality english comments. Get up to 200 english, positive comments at the best price. And at the same time, increase your video’s engagement rate and ranking.

We noticed that the more comments a video has, the higher it tends to rank (backlinko, case study on 1,3 milion videos)

What comments can I expect?

You will receive comments from real* and active profiles to your YouTube video. The accounts are verified and have a name and profile picture, in some cases they also have saved playlists, uploaded videos, channel banners, etc.

The comments are a proper feedback to the video, so we will provide positive comments, to make the video more attractive and appreciated by those who scroll through the comments section. The content of the english comments will be a mix of generic comments (eg: “Nice video, you have a new subscriber, amazing”) and personalized comments based on the video of the customer and its niche (for example, if it is a vlog in Spain “you really made me want to go to Spain!”)

You can expect about [80%] of generic comments and [20%] of specific comments related to the video and its niche.

*Comments come from real accounts which means verified Google accounts with profile pictures and sometimes also videos and subscribers. Please note that these comments are not handwritten but the commenting process is automized, to allow the best price and fast delivery.

Quick exemple of the comments you will receive

Exemple of generic comments below. (Comments will also include niche specific messages). Also, if you want to include some of your custom messages, simply let us know.

Let’s be positive and empowering!

Oh, and we already say all of this cool Lenos features. But let us tell you with some comments! From english accounts first…

Real names, pictures

And from international accounts, in case you select the ‘international’ option.

Various accounts that may include videos, playlist, etc.

Yes, I want to receive these comments on my video

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  • Delivery usually starts within a couple hours. It is always guaranteed within 24 hours since we receive your order.
  • Once the order starts, comments are delivered quickly (20+ per day)


  • It is obvious to say that to allow the delivery of the service, in the settings of your video commenting must be open. We also recommend disabling the manual comment approval filter, if it’s on.

Refill Guarantee

  • The service is protected by the refill guarantee. Refill is guaranteed once and can be requested by the client in the event of a drop. This means that if there is a drop in comments, at the customer’s request, the service will be delivered a second time (without additional costs!).
  • We are the only website who has a refill guarantee for YouTube comments. Hurrah for us!

We like to remind you anyway that currently our comments have no drops issues.

A extra, secret service

By the way, we also have a ‘comment like’ service, which can be a great combo with the purchased comments. The likes to the comment will allow you to bring the targeted comment at the top of the comment section and you can use this service for organic marketing strategies, such as promoting your website, channel, product, etc.

A marketing strategy that includes comment likes.

To find out more or to access the private service page, please contact us. The price is low: 1,5 $ per 100 comment likes.

Benefits in buying our YouTube comments

  • Make your video more attractive to other visitors and possibly increase conversion. Comments are also a feedback from viewers about your video and they get constantly read by viewers when they scroll down to the comments section. Therefore, leaving positive comments that promote and show appreciation to your video/product and YouTube channel is a smart strategy that could also affect other users opinions.
  • Adding comments to your video increases its engagement rate. The engagement rate is a percentage metric that measures audience interaction and engagement with social content (a video in the case of YouTube). The engagement rate is calculated with the actions that a user performs against the video, therefore likes, shares and, of course, comments.
  • YouTube algorythm loves visitor retention, and a large number of comments could increase the the time that visitors spend on your video. YouTube algorythm loves visitor retention. Why? Because sometimes we all get lost reading the comments and a rich comment section will take more time.

The highest ranked videos having a considerably higher number of comments


Full Privacy

None of the information you enter while shopping on Lenos can be viewed by third parties nor is shared with them. You can shop with confidence, because no one one will know that you bought comments. This, also because comments are real accounts and are relevant to your video.

100% Secure Payment

All payments done on this site will be processed by PayPal infrastructure. All your personal information and card details will be encrypted with 256 bit SSL to create a 100% secure purchasing environment.

More Questions?

If you have more questions, you can visit our frequently asked questions page or contact us from the contact page.

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