“Script + Voice-over + stock footage” order form

HOW IT WORKS? Easier done than said.

1] Fill the form with your titles and preferences (like a custom pizza)
2] Place the order and receive your fully ready and YouTube optimized video!

Video samples are available in this page. Below, you can listen a quick preview of the available voices, to help you decide which one you want.

Available Male voices quick preview

Available Female voices quick preview

Order form:

“Script + Voice-Over Video”


Tell us the keywords (titles) for your video or, at least, the generic niche (i.e. "make money on YouTube). If you order more than one video, please write one title per line.
As theme color, we mean the color which we might use, for instance, as captions background. If you pick custom, we suggest you to give us a HTML color code, or a link to the color, so we will then copy that color.
Share with us the link of your YouTube channel. If you recently purchased the channel from us (monetized youtube channel service) then, unless you removed us, we still have access so you don't have to do anything. If we don't have access yet, no worries! We will send you a gmail address which you will have to add as channel manager, so we can then upload and schedule your videos.
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