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Update September 2021

Now, also community poll votes are available!

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Likes and poll votes to YouTube Community Post ๐Ÿ‘

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Note: These likes service is only for Community post, not for videos. If you don’t know how to find the link of a specific post, read below.

More info about Community Post Likes

Community posts can give you more reach on YouTube and greater engagement with your audience. They are a super underrated YouTube tool since many creators still don’t use the community tab, but those who do found an extra boost and growth from it.

What are the advantages of using YouTube community Posts?

Some of the advantages of updating the community tab, include:

  • Wider reach. Your channel will reach more people because YouTube sometimes suggest community posts on the home feed, same as they do with videos.
  • Healthy and active channel. They are a way to keep a channel active, with minimal effort.
  • Better channel ranking. One of the metrics that YouTube algorithm takes into consideration, is how much visitors stay on your channel after they watch a video for the first time. Having a community post rich in quality content will definetely help in this way, with visitors scrolling it down like if it was a Instragram feed.
  • Greater engagement. Community post are short and with a clear message. Usually they also have a very informal tone, as if the creator speaks directly with their fans and engage with them. This contributes to greater engagement and a stronger bond within YouTube channels and their fans.

That being said, sometimes community post don’t get the traction they deserve. There are many channels out there which – as you might have noticed – get a lot of views in their videos but then their community posts totally lack interaction.

Buying high quality community post likes can definitely be a solution in that way, which makes also the community section more nice and appealing. No doubt that having a feed of posts with 200 likes each one, is much more attractive than a feed of posts which have just a few likes!

How do I get the link of a community Post?

Getting the link of YouTube community post is quite easy. You simply have to go to the community tab feed and then click the ‘date’ on the specific community post. See screenshot below…

…Clicking on the date it was published will bring you the specific community post. At this point you can copy the url from the browser tab. The url will look something like this:


  • Delivery starts within 12 hours since we received your order


  • We don’t need any requirement to start your order…you are good to go!

Service guarantee

  • Our community post likes do not drop, but in case they do, we offer lifetime refill!

Why you might want to buy Community Post likes

  • Make your community post tab more attractive, with each post having a nice amount of likes
  • Increase social proof about channel and community tab
  • Get likes from real people only
  • Since they are real, you might also receive comments on your post
  • Balance the engagement within community posts and videos
  • Get the likes on multiple links with one order. No need to place several orders. Place just one order and add as many links as you like, to restyle your whole community tab in a few clicks.

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