Ultimate Guide To Make Money With YouTube (Without Showing Your Face)

In this article, I’m going to reveal a method for you to create dozens of quality, monetizable videos per month – but actually working just a few minutes for each video.

Pretty much, an army of quality and original videos, with an average of 30 minutes spent on each video.

With perseverance and over time, this method can generate thousands of dollars per month, passively.

  • Production time for each quality video: 20-60 minutes
  • Initial goal: 1+ videos per day, 3 YouTube channels
  • Final goal: To create an ‘army’ of videos to generate constant and passive income


  • No need to show your face
  • Invest just a little money or spend no money at all


First a brief introduction to why this method could be for you – as anyone else – and how it can allow you to have a financial return and create dozens and dozens of videos without effort – or almost no effort.

To monetize on YouTube you need “ monetizable ” videos and therefore with original content. At the same time it is important to produce quality content uploaded frequently to maximize the number of potential visitors (and therefore earnings). 

And it’s not just a simple math matter (the more videos you make, the more views you can get) because in 2023 upload frequency has become a fundamental aspect in YouTube’s algorithm. Active channels have better positioning and authority, because YouTube wants you to upload regularly. To the point that YouTube even disables monetization on channels that have been inactive for 6 or more months!

However, combining all these 3 things (quality, frequency, monetizable content) becomes difficult.

This is why today I will share with you the Lenos Method. A video production method that will allow you to merge all those 3 aspects and start making real money on YouTube.

But before starting with the method I would like to clarify that even if it will take you a very short time you will necessarily have to compensate the reduced work time in another way.

And that “other way” is by paying services for the production of the videos. Production costs which are still low and which are simply a small investment. I’m talking about investment because obviously you can’t expect to make two videos and get 200k views right away in the first week. YouTube doesn’t work like that, it takes a little while.

But over time, it gets quite interesting 😉

Furthermore, using the right services (such as those taken as an example in this method) you will have final products (your video) with an amazing quality/price ratio.

Not only can you generate revenue, but you have the satisfaction and pride of growing YouTube channels with quality content and thousands of subscribers.

Finally, before discovering and getting to know the Lenos Method it is important to understand that (as with almost everything in life) success and gains do not come immediately

There will be a period – generally a couple of months – in which costs and times may be lower than earnings, but this is normal

The videos will be just a few and the channels will have to build authority, and maybe be approved first in the Partner program too. (regarding the latter, you will see later some suggestions on how to speed up the process).

Now, it surely feels like I am trying my best to convince you, to “sell” you this method, but that’s not the case :). There is no profit for me if you follow the method, unless you use the tools that I suggest later and which I personally use as well. Actually, it is the other way around. I want you to understand that you will not be making $$$ after a few weeks because this method requires some patience.

Of course, there are exceptions. Maybe you only produce 10 videos, two of them accumulate a good number of views over time and still make a profit. But the true effectiveness of the method is thought long-term with hundreds of videos uploaded across the channels.

This is a method with a strong exponential component.

Taking this path, therefore, means being aware that it will take time and persistence until the income starts to be significant. If you are not sure you can put consistency in the project, maybe you don’t want to start it and leave this page. But don’t leave the site, because we love our customers!! 🙂

So, are you still interested in discovering the Lenos Method?


Well, then let’s start with the method to make quality and monetizable content on YouTube, investing little time and having a guaranteed economic return.

The method: Make Money with YouTube in 2023 (with little time)

The method will first explain general notions and then the video production phase in detail and with possible alternatives depending on the budget or the time available to a person, rather than personal preferences.

General notions and tips (Make money with YouTube method)

  • The ideal is to make at least one video per day (on average ). Since us humans tend to increase productivity within deadlines, setting a bigger goal throughout the day* can greatly increase project efficiency. So for example you can aim to make 5 videos a day, at least at the beginning, instead of one. If you were to succeed, in two weeks you would have 70 quality videos.
  • The advice is to start with three YouTube channels (covering three different topics). This allows you to have more ideas to develop, to “get bored” less and increase productivity by having more projects to follow. Also, uploading too much content is counterproductive when it comes to video seo and algorithm. Uploading a video every 2-3 days on each channel is a good average. No need to upload multiple videos per day!
  • To maximize the traffic of a single channel it is good to build all the videos around a single “topic”. Creating different types of videos on the same channel is counterproductive. (Unless the channel is for example about “top 10”, it is normal that there may be videos on different topics. In this case the common topic of the channel would be “top 10”, “curiosity”). But generally speaking, a single niche channel will allow each of its videos to perform better, because they will benefit the authority of that channel regarding the niche. It will also retain new visitors more, because they find similar videos to the one they just appreciated.
  • This method works best with English content (but you don’t need a great knowledge of English!). However, it works great even in any other language,** the only difference is that it could take 5 minutes more on average to produce the videos (if you choose automated editing – you will find out why later).

* When it comes to productivity, studies suggest it’s very effective to set difficult, long-term goals other than daily goals. Specifically for this project, where results are not immediate, it might be handy. So, other than a daily goal, set yourself a 2,3 months possible but difficult goal. Example: 3 Months, 4 Channels, 300 videos (75 per channel). Wouldn’t that be cool to reach too?
** Yes, you can still do it with other languages. But since economical return is important, make sure you pick a tier1/tier2 country with good CPM (pretty much, how much you make from ads).

Ok, that was some generic advice. Let’s dive into the video production phase.

The video production phase (Lenos YouTube Method)

The production phase consists of 3 phases. The first is the one that will take you “more” but still little time and is the development of the idea.

Step 1) Development of the video

Write the video content into a text block. It’s a quick and easy operation. If it is a topic you know the words will come out spontaneously and quickly, if you don’t know it, no problem. Grab some articles, take the best bits of each one, paste them into your block of text and maybe change a few words or shorten/add something here and there. From just a few articles, you can actually create content for 5-6 videos.

As for the content in the form of text, it is good anything from 200-900 words. The length clearly depends on how long you want your videos to be and how you want to edit them. YouTube videos have often breaks with just music and footage between speaking, so the length of the final video will depend also on the editing style 😉

To know how many words your piece of text has, and how much time it takes to “speak” it, you can paste the content on wordcounter.

Simply paste your text on wordcounter and get words count and speaking time!

Here, a quick table that tells how long does it take to “speak” a certain amount of words at a regular speaking speed.

Number of WordsSpeaking Time (Regular speed)
300 Words1 minute 30 seconds
400 Words2 minutes
500 Words2 minutes 30 seconds
600 Words3 minutes
800 Words4 minutes
1000 Words5 minutes

After editing, videos will be longer than the expected speaking time. Out of 500 words you can make even 8 minutes videos.

My advice is not to use more than 500 words anyway, at least until the channel starts making many views, as this would lengthen production times and costs.

Phase 1 is now done. Something simple and enjoyable and that shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes, ideally between 5 and 10 minutes per text block. Then of course, if you care or need more time, no problem!

But remember one thing, the goal is to produce a lot of videos and make money. So it’s useless to be stubborn or to be a perfectionist in writing texts. Something quick, simple, interesting.

Step 2) Recording

Note: The audio recording phase is essential because in addition to making the video better, it allows you to monetize the video, even if it contains copyrighted content. On the other hand, video captions with just text in addition other than receiving fewer visits are not videos that YouTube monetizes in 2023. This means that a channel with only such videos would not be approved in the YouTube Partner Program.

So videos with no voice over are a big no for this method. Both for video performance and monetization.

Anyway, you previously created/outsource the video script. At this point you need to record what is written on the text block but, unless you are used to and you are good at doing these things, the original method is to pay a professional to read the text with his beautiful voice, in his studio. Professional.

“Professional”. That sounds so expensive! Right? Well…not.

It sounds a very expensive thing but this is where you are wrong. It takes you two seconds (just send the text) and the prices are low. Just use this freelancing site and for 5$ a professional will record up to 1000 words. And you have plenty of choice :). On the link I already filtered for you the lowest rates which are amazing anyway.

You can listen and choose the voice you prefer and expect high-quality audio, without lifting a finger… or a vocal string.

Extra : Even if you can record your voice, I recommend that you consider using professionals and not just because they are, in fact, professionals and therefore deliver quality audio. The reasoning that needs to be done is, “Is the time I dedicate to recording the audio worth it?” For example, if you pay only 5$, this could translate into half an hour of your time.

A quick recap

Summarizing the first two steps:
Write the content (spontaneously or by copying and modifying articles)
2) If you are practical, register the text. Alternatively, pay a professional 5$.
Estimated time: 5-20 minutes (over time you will get faster and faster in producing videos)

Fun and challenging? Yes. Fast? Yes.

Step 3) Video editing

At this point, we have the most important thing about the video. The “content”. Recorded by a nice clear and professional voice, which allows us to already have quality content and (in most cases) monetizable. Only phase three is missing which is, as you may have understood, the editing of the video. Adding music, videos, texts, etc …

It seems like a lot of work, and possibly copyright issues. If you’ve edited in the past you surely know that even editing a 3-4 minute video from scratch can take hours. But this method has thought of everything and for the editing phase you will use an automated program that not only does almost everything itself. But it will do it with quality editing and using licensed audio and video content, therefore 100% safe for monetization and copyright issues.

With this magic program simply add your text, the voice, and the magic happens.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a manual approach, I will also give you advice in this regard to keep production times to a minimum, (1 hour at most!)…or how to outsource it for a ridiculous price.

However, we will see the “manual” methods after the “automated” one.

Automated video editing

The program I am talking about (which is 100% online, therefore usable from a browser) is Pictory (the same tool we use for some of our channels). It allows you to create videos in any language thanks to AI (artificial intelligence). 

Simply enter your own text and the program will automatically create text captions with related background videos.

It is also possible to use the program bot voice to transform text into words, but I do not recommend it because – first – it does not seem 100% natural and, secondly, there have been cases of channels which have not been approved in the partner program. If you want to still give it a try, I won’t stop you. Maybe you can do a mix 😉

Also consider that being automated, editing is not perfect, and you may need or want to change the background videos in some scenes, to make them more relevant. However, it only takes a few minutes also because you can browse and select the material directly in the program, through the built-in library.

By the way, with the application you can also create an intro with a logo, if you want to create an intro for the channel, an outro or whatever you want to give that extra touch to your videos!

To get started, all you need is to select the option “script to video”, paste the script and then Artificial intelligence quickly edit the video for you.

Actually, you can even skip the written script part. If you – or whoever is recording the voice – knows how to talk about a specific topic without a script, then just add the recording and let the program create captions. But, we think using a text script is more accurate.

As you see there are several functions. In our case, we prefer to use the script to video function and let the program do its magic.

The price? You can start for free and see if you like it. Then, starting at $19 per month. The $19 plan allows:
– Automatic subtitles and scenes
– Unlimited videos per month
– 3+ million photos and videos without copyright
– 24/7 support
– Videos lasting up to 10 min. (but you don’t need more in my opinion)

Manual video editing (outsourced and personally done)

Before recommending the # 1 site to rely on in case of manual editing, one concept must be repeated. You are making videos with the goal of producing tens, hundreds of them and making a financial profit. 

This is the purpose of the method so if you do manual editing you can’t spend hours and hours doing the best editing in the world. 

You must be a bulk-producing machine.

Let’s say this once again. If you want to edit yourself, put perfectionism away and be a bulk-video producing machine

You have a beautiful text, recorded by a beautiful and professional voice, the video is already enjoyable. Now it is simply a matter of adding photos, videos and background music.

At most, I just recommend taking a little more time for the new channels and create an intro, a final screen and some subscription animation to then quickly add to each video. This will make the channel cooler and more professional (and also increase its conversion).

That’s all. Simple editing that takes no more than an hour once the audio recording is received.

Before moving on to our “partner in crime” of manual editing, remember that for manual editing you can also decide to use the application I mentioned earlier (Pictory), which also includes the classic editing function.

But if you already have your own editing program (Premiere, Vegas, Final Cut, etc.) and you want to get things done yourself …

… What is the # 1 site to use as a companion for this method, if you decide to do manual editing? (not a bad choice if you are familiar with editing programs)

This is Envato. The swiss knife of YouTubers and video editors. Which we personally use for more than 2 years. On Envato, you can find all the elements to end your video without copyright problems. Everything, even music, intro, outro…

In fact, their library includes:
– Over 40k music tracks
– Over 1 million photos
– Over 900k (almost a million) videos
All of them are copyright-free (licensed) and with new items added every day.

for example, almost 1 million videos to use freely and peacefully in your videos

In addition, Envato includes graphic “templates” to create – for example – intros for each channel.
The price? 16$ per month if paid annually, twice as much if paid monthly. 

I tell everyone “try a month” and then I am sure that you will switch to the annual plan without thinking twice.

16$ per month to have all the elements for the mass production of your videos in one place. Assuming you do 2 videos a day, that’s 15 euros for 60 videos a month…that is 25 cents per video.

With the manual method, therefore, production times are lengthened but prices remain low. A very general estimate using manual editing is:
5-10$ per video (audio cost recorded by professional + Envato pricing).
90 minutes for production (writing the text, + manual editing).

Or…option three of the editing part: Outsource the work. If you like, you can also hire a virtual assistant and have the same guy to edit all your videos daily, for just 10$ per day. Seek freelancers working in Eastern Asia (India, Philippines) and you will find talented guys who will charge you super cheap rates.

You can find them for instance on Fiverr. Filter based on price is already active on the link. Give a look, it’s quite good. Or you can also check out UpWork, Freelancer.

That being said, this option is best if you find an assistant you like and pay him monthly. For single videos, it’s not worth it, in my opinion.


At this point you find yourself a quality video, original and monetization, made in… maybe 30 minutes total? (or something more, if you choose the manual method), The cost of the audio, depending on the professional you are picking and the number of words, is from 5$ to 10$ (this is up to you).

Expenses that will clearly come back to you via ads revenue in the future, whether it’s on YouTube or Facebook (you can upload the videos to both platforms!)..

..While you build and grow your own professional channel, with minimal effort.

This is the Lenos Method – used successfully by some people already – to make money, an army of quality videos and grow channels while spending little time in the production of the single video.

So, what do you think? Do you have the determination to try the method? 

But if you do, I reiterate an important concept. On YouTube, as with everything else, it takes time and persistence (and a minimum of desire) to see results. In other words, being patient and persistent is a crucial YouTube skill, along with content’s quality and frequency.

Don’t be discouraged after a couple of videos or think about making 4-5 videos with this method and then banking hard from advertising revenue in just two weeks. Of course it can happen if even one of these videos hits the algorithm jackpot and scores a high number of views immediately, but to see real results it usually takes time.

Picture this: An army of videos and channels after a year. 4 different thematic channels, with a total of 365 videos (only one video per day for one year!). And all the views (revenue) that these quality videos can generate passively, forever. Forever.

Since it can also be useful to rationalize things, let’s do two mathematical calculations, taking into account manual editing (therefore the most expensive solution).

Making 30 videos per month: 5$ + 16$ per month for Envato = 266$ for 30 videos (8,6$ per video) / 1.5 hours a day. 🙂

To recover from the cost of production (or investment) you need 266$ from those videos .. it depends on the category of the video and the period, but about 200,000 views are enough. Trust that if the videos are done discreetly, with topics that appeal to the public (see some tips soon!), over time the cost is vastly outranked by the revenue. Meaning, profit.

And it is a self-feeding method

Because if you make 300 videos with 2660$… in addition to having even more potential views, the channels increase its authority and the videos get views from each other (when the viewer visits the channel or watches another recommended video of yours).

It seems like a lot at the beginning but you really think that a mini “army” of – let’s say – 150 monetizable and quality videos, does not make at least 2-3 million views combined in one, two, etc. years and they return (and exceed) the investment?

You know the answer.

If you think this method could work for you, save this article and start thinking about what category of videos you would like to do.

Also, before we close our video production chapter, I should mention that we recently released a cheap video creation service for monetizable YouTube videos, based on your keyword inputs. Basically, you pick the title, and we do all the rest for you – from script to editing – and then deliver the fully-ready video to you.

To learn more or buy your first videos, visit our YouTube video creation service page.

Extras: monetization, keywords, channel topics (Make money with YouTube Method)

Channel monetization

To start having an economic return, obviously the channel must have active monetization. By uploading the videos of the method, the channel is approved without problems, however, having to wait for the 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers can be demotivating. My advice is to wait anyway, this is because to get to 4000 hours you need an average of 60k views, which is equivalent to 35-90 euros per video in the “viral” category. The profits generated once monetization is received will be much greater. If you want to monetize first though, you can use our 4000 watch hours service which provides 4000 hours delivered within two weeks on new videos. Our service will not harm your channel, it will actually build some authority, as the views are from logged in accounts and super high retention.

Another option is to get an optimized monetization ready YouTube channel.

However, my advice remains to wait until the channel makes 4000 hours naturally.

Channel niche and video keywords

Earlier I talked about the “action plan”. To be successful – or let’s say – to get better results it is important to choose a niche and keywords that can appeal to a large audience.

So this method is not done with grandma’s recipe or talking about ping pong, but with “viral” themes that could attract many visitors: top 10, football videos, curiosities, or themes that attract a small number of visitors but where the gain per 1000 views (CPM) is greater: therefore finance, savings, economy, trading: videos in which the cpm (gain per 1000 views) is at least 5 times higher than the previous “viral” categories.

The choice of keywords within the chosen topic also has its relevance and, with the right titles and topics, videos potentially receive many more visits. The three best ways to search for viral keywords are the following:

  • Observe the most popular videos and channels in the same niche
  • Enter your search terms and see sentence completion suggestions
  • Use a viral (real) event. For example a news, a fashion, a sporting event and create a related video in a short time. This technique is very effective in 2023

That’s all. I hope this method for making dozens or hundreds of videos taking a short time every day, inspires you, and you decide to undertake it. If you have any questions or concerns, just let me know!

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